How To Get Walmart Grants For Single Mothers

Everything has its perks-especially when it’s Walmart. If you haven’t heard about it yet, Walmart is known for its various grants and community programs that had helped a lot of people. As large and successful as this foundation may seem, they definitely have the heart for people of all walks of life, most especially the needy. In this article, you’re going to learn all about Walmart, its mission and vision, as well as how great a difference they make in the community.

Additionally, you’re also going to know about the different Walmart Grants. From student grants up to Walmart grants for single mothers, we’re going to walk you through it all.

But, just like any article, there’s always the main focus, and in this read, it’s going to be all about Walmart grants for single mothers. Always for the better, never for themselves alone. Read on for a more detailed understanding of these grants.

What is Walmart Community Grants

As mentioned earlier, the Walmart Foundation has a heart for the people. One of its well-known virtues is that it aims to build a better life for people and assist them with their needs. Their commitment to providing people with a better life is commendable, as they are determined to grant people a better life by creating various opportunities for them to grow and thrive.

The Walmart Foundation targets three priority areas: opportunity, sustainability, and community.

Of course, this cannot be made possible without implementing programs for those in need. Through the many grants that it gives to the people along with various partnerships with other organizations with aligned visions, more and more people are gifted with hope-and grants!

One notable milestone done by the Walmart Foundation was back in 2016, when they donated over $1.5 billion in cash, together with various employees who volunteered to serve the community for free.

walmart grants for single mothers

Walmart Community Grants Program

One of the greatest values of Walmart is its aspiration and action towards change. Every community has its strengths and weaknesses, and these grants serve as one of their strengths. Grant Programs are well-planned to address the weaknesses, needs, and unique situations that each community has.

When a person hears the word Walmart, the first thing that comes to mind is simply groceries or things to buy. But Walmart goes beyond more than that; it has a goal and a mission to improve lives.

You can think of Walmart Grants as free government money. This is because grants are allotted to provide to those in need, as well as resolve or improve existing projects such as elder services, community restoration projects, as well as animal shelters.

Going back to the Community Grant Program, it was funded by the Walmart Foundation since February 2018, when it all started. After that, a multitude of awards, donations, and a variety of grants were garnered. These range from $200 to $6,000 dollars depending on the foundation and other sponsors. Usually, grants run for a whole year and are refreshed annually.

Walmart Grants For Single Mothers

Walmart Grants For Single Mothers are a specific grant who caters to the needs of mothers who receive little to no support from others in raising their child. As stated by the US Census Bureau, about 27 percent of children belong to families with a single mother, who are twice to thrice as likely to be unemployed compared to those who are married.

A helping hand can make a difference in a person’s life, and these grants are a crucial key to a child’s brighter and better future. In 2013, the Walmart Foundation allotted about $1.4 billion for single mothers.

Aside from financial support, they also offered education projects and other opportunities for a more resilient and empowered community. This is backed up by a portion of Margaret McKenna, who said that the Walmart Foundation is constantly working on giving people a chance to work and thrive in these trying times.

In short, Walmart Grants for Single Mothers aim to make a single mother be the best woman she can be, for herself and for her family.

How much do Single Moms Receive from Walmart Grants

At present, single mothers who are recipients of the Walmart Grant receive a range of $26,000 to $300,000, wherein $40,000 is the average grant. It was also mentioned that Walmart Grants also involve a child’s education. This is made possible by partnering with other organizations that grant those who do not have formal tax-exempt status.

They can apply for various scholarships that range from $500 to $3500 through Walmart’s local community funding program.

Requirements to Apply for Walmart Grants for Single Mothers

No grant is granted without being eligible for it. Before you apply for the Walmart Grant for Single Mothers, you must first assess and evaluate yourself if you possess the requirements that they are looking for. To stand a chance to be a recipient, you must:

  • Posses or have a current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Present proof of monthly budget breakdowns which prove a budget shortage.
  • Present documents of identification.
  • Not be registered overseas, must be a local resident of the place of application.
  • Be a recognized part of society: from the state you live in, county, and city agency, you must have the documents that can prove that you are a legal citizen of the government.

Those who have work that pays above or in accordance with the minimum wage are not eligible. This is because the priority beneficiaries of this Walmart grant are single mothers who are unemployed and have little to no source of income or support.

How to Apply for Walmart Grants for Single Mothers

If it’s your first time trying to apply for a Walmart Grants, it is normal that you feel nervous or confused at first. Aside from other people vying for a spot in Walmart’s beneficiaries, the process can also seem overwhelming if you don’t know how to handle it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting started with your Walmart grants application;

  • Step 1: Log on to Walmart’s website. Once opened, you will find a preview of its single mothers grant application.
  • Step 2: Register. In order to accomplish this step, you will be asked to provide your contact information, your profile details, as well as a detailed description of the information asked from you.
  • Step 3: Indicate and elaborate on your dilemma or unmet needs. Additionally, you will also be required to answer where and how you will use the money grants, who will benefit from it, as well as your goals and vision.
  • Step 4: You might also be asked to provide a breakdown of your budget and how much you really need assistance from the Walmart Foundation.
  • Step 5: Once these steps are complete, submit and wait for notifications via email or posts.

How Grants Recipients are Evaluated, Selected, and Informed

Grants run for a year, so it is not something you can completely shrug off after you have passed your application. For a more detailed explanation of what happens during the selection process and how you can tell if you’re one of the lucky Walmart beneficiaries, here’s what happens.

First, it is important to remember that Walmart grants for single mothers recipients will be posted. If you receive an email, it means that you weren’t selected. You can always try next time!

Moreover, these hundreds to thousands of applications are also reviewed by partner organizations and the Walmart Foundation advisers. As mentioned earlier, Walmart also works with other partner organizations to make this project a constant one.

When it comes to local applications, every notification is sent through email. If you’re selected, Walmart grants for single mothers’ checks will immediately be sent three to five weeks after selection. A formal recognition event will also take place.


There are many perks in this world, especially those offered by Walmart. There will always be trying times, and knowing that there are corporations and foundations that are committed to the greater good of people serve as a ray of hope for many.

While grants exist to help people thrive, it is still important to do something yourself that can make a difference in your community and in your life. Now that you know that grants like these exist, the next move is on you.

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