Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone With Lifeline Discounts

Almost everyone wants to own a phone. Today, the US government runs the aid program assisting low-income people in accessing smartphones services at low discounted prices and a times free. Verizon Wireless is a major lifeline support firm with various offers to qualifying customers. This means that not every person can get Verizon wireless free government phone, but only those who can’t access the essential communication services.

The government carries it out specifically to help citizens who have low incomes. Since communication has become a part of life, the government intervenes to ensure that every individual can access the communication services.

If someone gets a low income, it will be hard to access communication services. It is a lifeline program that the communication organization and the government agree on and reduce the price of the communication services. The lifeline access also offers quality services as the other communication packages whoever the main motive is to make sure everyone can have access to communication services.

In this program, the government contributes a given amount of money so that the price of the services can be low and the less fortunate can also afford to have the services. The major and best company that has partnered with the government to offer free government phones includes Verizon.

What is Verizon Lifeline Discounts

Lifeline is a program that’s run by the government and the Verizon Company to help less fortunate citizens access and use the communication services. The program started in 1985 where landline services were offered, but it later changed in the year 2012, and it can offer phone services.

Verizon wireless free government phones were offered to the less fortunate citizen, not as a luxury, but the government views communication as one of their citizens’ needs. For example, they claim that citizens sometimes may require emergency services, and through communication, one can get help.

Since in remote areas many survive on a low income, the government strongly supports the program to make sure even the small wage individual can access the communication services.

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How to Get a Verizon Wireless Free Government phone

Verizon wireless free government phones can be provided to the less fortunate citizen. These subsidized phones are offered through the collaboration of Verizon and federal communication. If a citizen registers for this package, the government will pay $10 per month on their behalf.

Here Verizon will be committed to offering free phone services, and the government will pay the services’ cost. The money used to fund this project is the universal service fund. However, you must qualify before you apply for this package.

Eligibility for Verizon Lifeline Program

Not every citizen is eligible for this program. Some criteria are used to determine if an individual can enroll in the program or not. You can enroll in the program if you are below the poverty level. Also for those who are the below programs can be beneficiaries of the program:

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps
  • Kid’s Health Insurance
  • Needy Families
  • Housing Assistance
  • Supplemental Security

The Verizon wireless free government phone is for those who cannot access the communication services. It is among the needs of the citizens then providing the services to them could be good to facilitate communication. Therefore, so long as you are a low-income citizen and meet the other criteria, you can access services from this program.

Here, proper identification is checked to ensure that you qualify for the program. Giving false information or documents can lead you to legal action and disqualification from the program. Therefore before you make the application make sure that you meet the requirement.

Verizon Wireless Plans for Low-income

Before you access government phone services, you have to check if their services are of high quality. With the Verizon, you are guaranteed to get the best services because the company has the best communication services. They offer their services to a large population, but in terms of free government phones, they have few options to choose from.

Examples of these services include a Free monthly mobile phone plan and other restricted packages per the government-subsidized plan.

Verizon has the best and most extensive network. The company has around 11 wireless services that cover remote areas. According to their data, they have approximately twenty-one million users in remote areas. The subsidiaries’ network comes with the latest technology like 4G LTE and 5G LTE networks or services.

There is an App where customers can have the app on their phones to access the benefits under the Verizon wireless free government phone.

Verizon Phone Plans

Different telecommunication companies offer the lifetime program; however, the Verizon wireless comes with attractive features that you can benefit from it. Some of these features include:

  • Unlimited data: There are unlimited data packages that Verizon offers. The main two packages go at $80 and $90. The packages are popular and are reliable. If you want to stream at high speed, these packages will help you accomplish your task.
  • Messaging App: The phones come with a messaging app that can enable you to message and make calls. You can use the app for sharing data, and it also has other functionalities. The other provider with a lifetime program does not offer an app that has the same functionality and does not consume a lot of data. The Verizon app can be used efficiently, and most people prefer to utilize the functionality.
  • Protection: The Verizon wireless free government phone also protects against malware or virus attacks. You will not have to worry even if you want to use your phone to browse most of the time because you will be secure from these attacks. Since virus attacks cases have become popular, the company has taken the mandate of ensuring that you are safe because you have the necessary protection in your phone.
  • International and domestic calling: The Verizon wireless free government phone will enable you to make calls for both the international and the domestic one. For example, you will be charged $5 a month for local calls in Mexico and Canada, while you will have to pay $15 a month for the global. But the overseas package comes at $10.
  • Network Coverage: The company has a vast area where they have established networks with current technology like 5G. In terms of comparison, the landmass that the company has covered compared to other companies is 81%. It is almost available in all states, making it easier for citizens from different states to access their network.
  • Fast speed: Fast internet connectivity is a requirement for everyone when it comes to communication. The lifeline program from Verizon is the one that, for a long time, they have maintained in providing their customer with high-speed internet connectivity. The company offers both the 4G LTE and 5G LTE networks, so there is nothing to worry about the network speed.

Limitation of Verizon Wireless Phone

Though the company has a lot of benefits to the low-income citizen, it comes with other drawbacks that can affect you in one way or the other. The only disadvantage of this program is the pricing structure. Though they offer Verizon wireless free government phone, the operation cost is very high. For example, the operating cost of AT&T is less than the Verizon price.


Verizon firm offers affordable services to all the less fortunate citizens. The package is beneficial, and you will be able to access quality communication services, access emergence services, and communicate with others.

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