How Do You Get Standup Wireless Free Tablet

Since the invention of the internet, phones have always been an essential medium of communication. However, the pandemic has led to the rise in online classes, businesses, jobs, etc. Due to the pandemic situation, each household is looking for ways to get a tablet or laptop for virtual communication purposes.

Getting a free tablet right now is like a dream for most people. The US government is taking the right measures to offer discounted gadgets to assist individuals who can’t afford buying tablets. Besides, the device is useful as it will help people get a track in their businesses and school work.

The government has initiated Lifeline and EBB programs as the major phone & tablet providers, and StandUp Wireless is part of this program to assist people who aren’t financially well to purchase a tablet. Today, you can get a StandUp Wireless free tablet provided you are eligible.

StandUp Wireless Lifeline Program

Standup Wireless Free Tablet

The StandUp wireless is a Lifeline & Emergency Broadband benefit provider. The Lifeline benefit program mainly aims ta help low-income individuals to obtain free/discounted cell phone services for communication purposes.

EBB is like a temporary FCC program that offers non-transferrable discounts on monthly broadband network services. Individuals may qualify based on household income via programs like SNAP, Medicaid, etc.

If you qualify for StandUp Wireless, you got yourself a chance to get a free tablet and unlimited text, talk, and data of 10GB. To top it all, a free smartphone may come your way.

Is StandUP Wireless Give Free Tablet

StandUp wireless was approved by FCC to serve as an EBB program provider. StandUp Wireless is providing its customers with an 8 inch HD tablet of up to $100 discount together with monthly services free of charge, including unlimited text, talk, and data of 10GB. Amazing right?

Even though the tablet isn’t entirely free, it’s pocket friendly, and you won’t have to spend a lot on it.

Do you know why it’s not entirely free? The provider charges a minimum of $10.01 according to the rules made by FCC. The EBB program enables a discount of $100 on some devices for just one time. You may use WiFi and networks from StandUp Wireless on your tablet. This implies that you’ll have the opportunity of making or get calls once you install TextNow and WhatsApp.

How to Get a StandUp Wireless Free Tablet With Lifeline Program

The Government in the US works together with Wireless providers to run a program that provides free tablets for those who are eligible. You may be a student, from a low income family, disabled, etc.

You are sure of getting a free tablet from the government through the Stand Up Wireless lifeline. To apply, just go to its official site and fill out the application form.

But, before you apply, make sure you’re eligible. That is, you meet the requirements of the program. The documents needed to apply for your free tablet are proof of your photo ID, contact details, Salary slip, Residence proof, income or student proof, and a document to prove your eligibility. Since the eligibility criteria vary in each state, you must confirm that you’ve verified in your state.

StandUp Wireless Lifeline Program Requirements

To qualify for EBB or Lifeline provider free tablet, you must meet the specific set eligibility requirements. Below are the requirements you must meet to qualify for StandUp wireless free tablet;

  • Those earning an income that is 135% or below, which is the set poverty guideline by the state.
  • People lost their income because of jobs layoffs from Feb 29, 2020, or if your 2020 household income was $990000 or below it for single filers and $198000 for joint filers.
  • Those who meet the eligibility criteria offered by the Lifeline aid program.
  • People approved to get a free and reduced-price lunch program or school breakfast program from USDA Community.
  • You have a Federal Pell Grant.

How to be Eligible for a StandUp Wireless Free Tablet

At this point, you know that you must be eligible first before you can apply for a free tablet from StandUp Wireless. And the eligibility criteria are just the same as other providers. Here are various ways you can be eligible and get yourself a tablet from StandUp Wireless;

1) Eligibility based on the Program from the Federal Government

If you’re a participant of a Lifeline Program, you might consider yourself eligible for the Lifeline or EBB program and get a tablet from StandUp Wireless.

As per the guidelines of the FCC, the eligibility criteria for Lifeline & EBB programs are just the same. These Federal Government programs include SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit Fund, etc.

2) Eligibility Based on the Household Income

The Federal Government has provided an income range that is considered low income. So, you have to be in that income range before you can be given a chance to get a StandUp Wireless free tablet. As per the poverty guidelines, your income must be below the 135% poverty threshold.

3) Eligibility based on the Unemployment

Also, we determine eligibility according to the effect of a pandemic on the businesses and jobs. But, you should provide proof of the job you lost, and it must have occurred after Feb 2020.

4) Unique Eligibility

There are some criteria for eligibility that aren’t much common for people. This is especially true for those people who are part of programs considered for Lifeline and EBB. These programs include Pell Grand, Lunch, and breakfast programs for free or at a lower price.

Once you apply, the FCC will verify your eligibility via the National Verifier.

How To Apply for a StandUp Wireless Free Tablet

The signup process for StandUp Wireless is only done online. You may complete the process via their site.

If you’re a customer of Lifeline, you may sign up at: If you’re a customer for StandUp Wireless, then do the following;

  1. Go to StandUp wireless website and enter the ZIP code and email address.
  2. The enter your personal information, that is, your name, date of birth and SSN. Then wait for verification.
  3. However, if you’re an existing customer, you may go directly to the website. You will be required to offer your ZIP code together with an email address when you apply.

Do not forget to collect all your necessary documents before you can start with your application procedure. These documents should be related to your eligibility. However, if you wish to apply based on your income loss or job, you have to collect enough proof.

The steps below will assist you in applying for a free tablet from StandUp Wireless:

  1. Navigate to link of apply now to start the process of applying.
  2. Enter the ZIP code together with your email address. Click to “Start Application.”
  3. Give all the needed documents which must relate to your Lifeline enrollment or unemployment status.

Once you finish applying, you’ll wait for an eligibility email. Your information will be verified by the National Verifier. The documents will also be checked to see if you’re eligible. After you’re considered eligible, you will receive a tablet from StandUp Wireless and monthly internet services.

As soon as you get your tablet, you can call 611 or 1-800-544-4441 to confirm that you’ve received your gadget.

StandUp Wireless Free Tablet Models

Many people who wish to enroll with StandUp Wireless would love to know the kinds of tablets they will get once they get approved. As of now, you know that the tablet doesn’t come entirely for free but rather at a discounted price. Better off, right?

Despite that, you will only incur a smaller cost, and the brands offered by StandUp Wireless depend on various factors, like state and inventory.

The most common tablet models provided by StandUp Wireless are;

  1. NUU Tab 8
  2. SKY Elite 8
  3. Votex Tab 8

What Else You’ll get from StandUp Wireless

Once you qualify and sign up for the program, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy many of its services. You will have the privilege of getting:

  • Free minutes
  • Free texts
  • 10GB of data
  • A tablet with a discount of $100.


StandUp Wireless is among the best carriers that participate in Lifeline and EBB programs to provide free phones & tablets to those who qualify. In addition, stand up wireless free tablet comes with other added benefits like free data.

Furthermore, it offers good coverage and reliable services. Currently, you can qualify for StandUp Wireless free tablet program if you are a member of government-aided programs or your total income matches the poverty guidelines, then you are sure to get a tablet at a discounted price.

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