How To Get a QLink Wireless Free Tablet 2022

QLink wireless is one of the best and fastest telecommunication providers in the United States. The company has services and programs that attracts many customers. Their cellphone services are phones, data, messaging and wireless voice services. The company also has partnered with the United States of America to provide services to help less privileged citizens.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many residents cannot afford some of these services since they lost their jobs. QLink also works with T-Mobile to ensure they provide the best service for those who need free phone support through the lifeline program.

However, to get a qlink free tablets, you need to meet the requirements, and you can then apply through the QLink wireless official website. Now let’s explore more about how to get a free tablet from QLink wireless.

The qualification for a free tablet from QLink wireless differs from one state to the other. However, in most cases, you will stand a chance of getting one if you are a beneficiary of one of the government assistant groups, unemployed, and your family gross income is below the federal poverty rule, which should be at 135% or below the federal poverty guidelines.

Some of the assistance programs that you must be beneficiaries of include;

  • Food stamps.
  • National school lunch.
  • Temporary assistant for the needy families.
  • House assistant from the federal.
  • Supplement Security Income.
  • Medicaid.

Here you will have to provide proof for the source of your income and federal assistance program letter. You can deliver this proof through the mail, fax, or upload it through the QLink wireless official website.

To check if you qualify, visit the QLink wireless website on the menu, click how to qualify, select the state you are coming from and then you will see all the eligibility criteria.

It is very easy to get a free tablet from the QLink wireless. Here you will have to enroll yourself on the lifeline program, and if you qualify, you will receive a Qlink wireless free tablet.

If you want to enroll for the lifeline program, you have to create an account on the QLink wireless program by clicking the signup button on the Qlink website; click the enroll for a lifeline. On the displayed page, enter your details and click the get it Now.

Qlink Tablet

The Qlink wireless enrollment process is very easier once you meet the qualification criteria. First, provide the proof for eligibility by uploading the income proof, letter from the assistance group and other valid documents to the QLink wireless.

So first, you have to sign up on the Qlink wireless, upload the proof, get approved and then get the free tablet from Qlink wireless other cell phone services.

q link wireless free tablet

Different tablets are offered by the QLink wireless, such as;

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

It is a device that has a high processing speed and an 11″ display for a better viewing experience. The tablet has a long-life battery, quality sound, broad screen, high-speed processor and is highly portable. You will also get stunning brightness or clarity camera. It also has a memory capacity of 512GB AND A RAM of 6GB.

2) Apple iPad Pro

It is a tablet that is 12.9 inches and comes with a next-level chip performance. It comes with many interesting features like; amazing graphics, impressive sound, good camera, excellent view, lag-free and many other interesting features.

3) Microsoft Surface Go – 2

It is another free tablet that you can get with the QLink wireless. It has long battery life, 10.5-inch screen, a RAM of 4GB, storage of 128GB SSD and 64GB. The tablet is sleek with a compact design and amazing performance.

4) Apple iPad (8th generation) – Space Gray

It is a 10.2″ display tablet that has a retina display. It supports sketching, marking a document, signing, fingerprint identification and other many features.

5) Samsung Galaxy Ruggedized Tablet

It is a kind of free tablet from QLink wireless that will withstand wear and tear; this is your option. This tablet also has amazing features like a water resistance screen, long-life battery, gorgeous display and many others.

6) Fire HD 10 Tablet

It is another table that offers you amazing features. It is a lightweight 10. 1 inches tablet with a high-quality display, sound, nice display and other amazing features.

7) LG G Pad 5

It is a 10.1 inches display tablet powered by a Snapdragon 821 2.34GHz and 1.6 GHz dual processor. It has a RAM of 4GB and memory storage of 32GB. However, you can use a micro SD and expand it to up to a memory space of 512 GB. It has other amazing features like a long-lasting battery, extra security, a good camera, amazing screen resolution and many others.

8) Lenovo Tab – M10 Plus

It is a kind of tablet that will accommodate everyone in your family. The tablet has a dedicated mode for both the kids and the parents. With this control, you can control or watch what your kids use the tablet for. It has an Octa-core processor that has a speed of 2.3 GHz. This tablet is a 10.3-inch display and comes with other amazing features like a high-quality camera, speakers, and many others.

As you have seen, the process of how to get a free tablet from QLink wireless is very simple, but the question that you could want to answer is what benefits are you going to enjoy with the free tablet from QLink. Here are some of the benefits;

  • It comes with other free monthly plans for voice, SMS and data.
  • You can bring your existing tablet, and it will be activated to be your free tablet.
  • There are no Credit checks.
  • No contracts require.
  • There are no hidden or monthly bills.
  • You can enjoy other discounted prepaid plan.
  • They cover their services both nationally and internationally.


Hopeful you have found all the information on how to get a free tablet from QLink wireless in this article. Digital gadgets like tablets or phones have become a necessity in everyone life. You can use it for your studies, work, communication, entertainment and many other activities.

Lacking a digital device can hinder you from accessing many services or even your government resource. Due to these reasons, the government and telecommunication companies like QLink have a partner in a program called lifeline.

Through QLink Wireless, the less income citizen can get free tablet and other discounted services in this program. The above information will help you get the free tablets from QLink wireless.

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