Unbelievable & Kickass Single Mom Grants in 2022

Being a single mom is a challenging role to fulfill. You’ll often find yourself juggling responsibilities left and right, such as doing great in your job while making sure you’re a great guardian to your children. Because of this, it can be quite terrifying to think about the future, especially since you have to shoulder certain burdens and expectations.

But you are not alone. Tens of thousands or millions of single moms across the globe are also experiencing the same thing, grappling through life and doing what they do best day in and day out. If you have successfully overcome serious hurdles and obstacles in the past, there is no doubt that you can deal with this one as well. Since this is a common experience and concern shared by many single moms worldwide, there are safety nets and assistance that help people like you improve your current situation, especially with regards to finances.

Free grants for women come in many forms, and one of them is single mom grants. Single mom grants are especially helpful if you are troubled with your finances since they allow you to start over and ease your circumstances.

Kickass Single Mom Grant

In this article, we’ve listed down some of the best and unbelievable single mom grants you can apply for;

5 Best and Unbelievable Kickass Single Mom Grants

1) Kickass Single Mom Grant

True to its name, this financial assistance is for kickass moms who are unconditionally dedicated to their roles as mothers while seeking to boost their momentums to a better future. The Kickass Single Mom Grant allows you to receive up to $1 000 worth of financial grants by simply sharing your fearless journey and story of being a single mom. While this may sound simple, there’s also a standard by which your story has to be good and authentic at most. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sob story, but more of a narrative of how you were able to thrive in your efforts and make a significant and positive change in the world.

Wealthy Single Mommy’s Emma Johnson gives out a $1 000 grant through the Kickass Single Mom grant for mommies who are determined to provide a better future for their family, and ultimately, the whole world, one step at a time. This grant was established to support every endeavor that presents promising efforts of success and passion that involves charitable causes, business initiatives, family projects, and more.

Single moms who receive the grant money can use this for whatever purpose they intend to do with it. They can use it to advance their careers, further their education, accelerate their start-up business, or do anything they feel would help them achieve their dreams of financial freedom. More than anything, Kickass Single Mom Grant does not only aim to provide financial assistance to struggling single mothers but also to highlight their endeavors, empower them as women, and inspire others at the same time.

2) Soroptimist International $16 000 Grant

Soroptimist International understands the difficulty of being a single mother and the challenges with expenses related to childcare, educational programs, skills training, and more. That being said, the Live Your Dream Awards initiated by this institution honors women’s optimism in such situations and helps their condition by providing single mom grants, and educational programs, among many other things. Over 50 years, Soroptimist International has already distributed $30 million of grant money, changing the lives of numerous single moms every year.

The Soroptimist International is a network comprising 100,000 volunteers and members located in over 100 countries across the globe. The program aims to provide financial assistance to women who are their family’s sole support lines and seek to further their education through an undergraduate degree or skills training.

Applicants generally need to undergo three levels of selection to receive the grant money. You can also look up more details regarding this at their official website and learn about the requirements for this process.

3) Amber Foundation’s $27 000 Grant

The $27,000 Grant that Amber Foundation offers is mainly targeted towards single mothers who are business owners simultaneously. This foundation’s financial grant is an excellent means for you to have access to extra funds which you can use to advance your business. In fact, this financial grant is considered the top grant on the WE Magazine’s grants for scholarships and loans for women. Furthermore, it’s also recommended by notable institutions and platforms such as Michigan State University, USA Today, and Business Money Today.

Amber Foundation selects a female business owner among their applicants for the grant every month where she can receive financial assistance worth $2000. Additionally, there is another bigger grant available every year from the foundation, which you can freely apply for.

4) TANF Single Mothers Cash Assistance

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program offers single mom grants for single mothers who live in the United States. This financial aid basically aims to help you manage your financial circumstances and ultimately make ends meet. Furthermore, the grant targets needy families, particularly single mothers who have enough or lack self-sufficiency.

The TANF program is funded by the government, whereas block grants are disseminated across different states in the US to reach local communities. Here, the program helps families with children by assisting them in securing housing while also helping single moms build sustainable futures for their families.

5) Unclaimed funds

While not necessarily a grant, checking for unclaimed money can also be a means of financial assistance for single moms. To find free unclaimed money, make sure to research all the states you have lived in or check the USA.gov website if you have any tax refunds or unclaimed money waiting for you.

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These are only a few of the best single mom grants you can consider if you’re in need of financial help. Apart from those mentioned above, some grants also provide insurance benefits, lifeline or food assistance programs, and housing programs to improve your current circumstances. It’s best to thoroughly research and comply with the needed requirements to be eligible for such grants. If you don’t qualify, you can always reach out to your local community agencies, churches, or organizations and ask if they can offer you temporary financial assistance.

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