How To Get WiFi At Home For Free?

Have you recently relocated, or perhaps your fiber has been inadvertently dug during routine service? If you haven’t yet settled your Internet subscription, and you require immediate Internet access to deliver a demonstration to your employer, then this guide on how to get wifi at home for free is for you.

16 Methods to Get WiFi Access at Home for Free

Using an Internet connection costs roughly $50 monthly for an average individual. The connectivity speed is related directly to its cost, implying that you must pay a premium to access high-speed Broadband.

With several factors, you might want free WiFi at your residence. For instance, you could be in the midst of a virtual conference when your access goes down unexpectedly. Moreover, by utilizing free WiFi at your residence, you may spend less money each month.

As a result, you should become acquainted with the aforementioned methods for obtaining free Internet access. Here are ways how to get WiFi at home for free:

1) Through Public WiFi

Based on the area of your residence, you can locate a number of public WiFi sites. Such services are usually provided at bus stops, subway stations, parks, cafés, and other commercial establishments. This way, you may be able to access the Internet without paying a subscription fee to the Internet provider.

Aside from that, most personal WiFi hotspots provide premium Internet access that is less expensive than mobile data. If you cannot even afford to acquire WiFi, these public Wireless hotspots offer a practical alternative.

Other individuals, nevertheless, could see and use your gadget or computer while it is connected to the open Network. To safeguard your data, ensure you use a VPN on the computer or a phone while browsing.


The state started this initiative in collaboration with the communication commission. It gives Internet access at no cost to those who can’t afford the cost. Thus, if you are eligible for this scheme, you can have a free Internet connection at your place of residence.

One of the finest aspects of is that it acknowledges low-income families who can’t afford Internet access. Furthermore, it offers cheap and reasonable plans with a dependable and speedy Internet connection at $10 monthly. Do you want to know what measures you should take to receive free Internet?

Fortunately, there are two measures you should take into consideration:

  1. A family member should at least participate in any national government assistance program. This is the first qualification criterion that you must meet. This way, you may demonstrate that the households need and live under the national poverty threshold.
  2. After establishing qualification, the following procedure is to complete the program request form. Moreover, numerous Internet service providers collaborate with the state as part of the strategy. AT&T is just an example of a scheme that offers a connection gadget without charging an installation, payment, or subscription charge.

3) Wifi Hotspot Apps

Numerous applications are devoted to providing free public WiFi in many areas. You have to download hotspot database applications that provide several public connections. However, it also offers credentials for non-publicly accessible hotspots.


WIFImapper is an application for finding free WiFi around your residence. It’s simply an installed program that provides you with accessibility to a complete list of available Internet connections in your area.

All you have to do is download the application to detect your location. The software will display a list of all accessible free Internet providers in your area. As a result, you can use either of the Online products at your residence for entirely free. It also shows remarks from ForSquare & WIFImapper and the kind of Hotspot with its specific position.


Wiman is among the world’s biggest hotspot databases that assist you in locating free WiFi connections. It functions as an in-built WiFi manager, categorising free WiFi networks according to their quality and connection intensity. You can also garner incentive points by utilizing the software and sharing this with your companions.

#Avast WiFi Locator

Avast, a famous Cybersecurity firm, has created a simple WiFi discovery software that can be used with a simple press on the screen. There are free WiFi connections available that do not require internet connectivity. Furthermore, it includes an extensive library of WiFi credentials submitted by Avast network users from across the globe.

#Free Internet Service Provider

This is a website that keeps track of Internet services. All you have to do is input the name of your country or region and your zip code. Once you hit proceed after entering your data, the website displays all of the free plus low-cost Internet companies in your area. Additionally, it reviews every free ISP, enabling you to evaluate them. There exist additional applications, like Wiffinity & WeFi. Such applications operate on a similar premise, finding near connections and linking you to the best connection.

4) Municipality Wireless Network

Some localities and countries are fortunate enough to have free municipality wireless communications. Free Internet is available through the municipal Network that comes from federal agencies. The city network assists countless users, particularly the underprivileged and low-income households, obtaining WiFi at their houses at no cost. Furthermore, due to time constraints, certain places have limited internet connectivity. Aside from that, you can find it sluggish and unstable.

5) Through Your Neighborhood

To get free Internet at home, you can use your neighborhood internet. You can do this by asking for an open Internet from your neighbor. All you need is special permission and a password to use your neighbor’s WiFi. You may repay the courtesy differently.

6) Using Mobile Hotspot

You may utilize your SIM’s internet connectivity to set up WiFi on devices not connected to the Internet. Smartphones have a cellular tethering function thanks to the Hotspot. A phone may thus act as a hotspot, sending internet Access signals to various gadgets in reach.

To do tethering on your Android Smartphone, perform the following steps:

  1. Open your smartphone’s configurations.
  2. At Wireless and Network Segment, click the More option.
  3. Select tethering and portable Hotspot from the menu.
  4. Select WiFi hotspot setup.
  5. Input the SSID as well as the passcode for the Network.
  6. Save the configurations and activate a mobile WiFi hotspot.

Follow the below instructions if you’re using an iOS device:

  1. Select Cellular from the Settings menu.
  2. Switch on your selector for individual Hotspot.
  3. To protect it with a password, use the WiFi password choice.

The only downside here is that you’ll use more mobile data. You might not link several gadgets to your WiFi hotspot if you set a data limit for everyday usage. As a result, you may need to pay for limitless data usage. You may choose from a variety of low-cost data plans offered daily, weekly, and monthly. If you are using a Windows 10 PC, you may utilize the limited connectivity to keep track of your daily internet usage. Ensure you make your hotspot secure so that others don’t access your data without your permission.

Battery depletion is another downside of utilizing a smartphone as an internet access point. You might connect the phone to a power supply or a wall adapter to solve the problem. Finally, various mobile data companies have varying restrictions for mobile hotspots. They won’t let you use your mobile data for connection, and they’ll bill you a separate fee for data while you’re connected.

Rather than creating a WI FI hotspot, you may employ wired tethering to a mobile handset. Absolutely no one can infiltrate your connection this way, providing you an advantage over other WI-FI hotspots. While wired tethering, a computer or laptop also can recharge the gadget. Finally, USB connectivity is far faster than WiFi.

7) FreedomPop

FreedomPop enables you to use the Internet for free without paying any monthly fee. Are you curious as to how that is possible? The truth is that it comes with a router that allows you to connect to the Internet. Moreover, it is also a transportable router which you can take with you and use when you want to connect to the Internet.

Nevertheless, FreedomPop requires a security deposit, which is repaid once the gadget is returned. That is, it will keep the deposit amount provided you keep the router. Also, it has a data plan at no cost that allows you to consume 500 Megabytes without paying anything. You will, however, have to subscribe for more data if your consumption surpasses the limit. As a result, FreedomPop is not a viable option for anyone looking to watch live or download media.

8) Juno Internet Service

For over 20 years, Juno has offered dial-up email services at no cost. Nevertheless, because it’s a toll-free alternative, you’ll need a modem to enjoy this Internet service at no cost.

It is Internet access with no charges and is only available for 10 hours each month. After then, you could pay additional fees to use the online services for a longer amount of time.

9) Use NetZero

Since 1988, NetZero has continuously provided Internet access. Unlike FreedomPop, this does not have an Internet router and instead relies on downloadable programs. You can use the Free internet for ten hours each month. As a result, it’s perfect for consumers who simply have to access their emails as well as other connected information.

You also shouldn’t require executing an agreement or consent to any conditions of service when you utilize NetZero. Additional, for an extra membership charge, it provides several Internet packages to meet your Internet needs:

  • Mobile data packages.
  • NetZero DSL Internet.

10) Free WiFiSpot

WiFi Free Locations can help you find local businesses in your neighborhood that provide connectivity. You may locate such public WiFi sites near you by searching online using your residence address.

11) InstaBridge

This is a program built specifically for cellphones to provide a free Internet connection. It gives you the credentials to several WiFi hotspots.

12) Use a Portable Cellular Router

Most mobile providers offer a clever approach to meet your Internet requirements. A portable cellular router also referred to as a dongle, might offer you reliable WiFi connectivity at a low cost. Dedicated data-only SIM cards are sold by mobile companies and cannot be utilized in normal phones. Such SIM cards, on the other hand, are intended for use in rechargeable batteries mobile 3G/4G routers.

13) Use USB Cellular Modem

A USB wireless modem is another option for a mobile wireless router. This is a USB gadget with a sleeve that can contain a SIM card for data only, as per the name. To experience a green Connection to the Internet, simply connect it to your computer immediately.

14) Through Hidden WiFi Networks

Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) function as service identifiers in wireless connections. You may easily disguise a network’s SSID to make it inaccessible to others.

15) Through Your ISP’s WiFi

Most ISP includes a WiFi hotspot connection that you may access for free. Nevertheless, you must have their specific Internet connectivity at your house to participate. Such providers include AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Optimum, and Spectrum.

16) Through Sensitive Antenna

If you reside in a major public area, there is a possibility that free solid WiFi connections surround you. On the other hand, your gadget wouldn’t have sufficient strength to identify such WiFi connectivity.

There are many programs where you can get free WiFi. But, finding the right one is ideal for you. Ensure you keep the data safe while using free WiFi since open hotspots will not be very secure. Thus keep this in mind. With free Internet, you will be able to save a lot.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The introduction of the Internet at no cost is only the start of finding creative ways to save money.


To summarize, this article has gone through numerous options on how to get WiFi at home for free. A few, nevertheless, are completely free, whereas others need a little effort. It’s not difficult now to access the Internet for free since numerous phone companies and Internet providers companies are developing subscription options to make things easier for customers.

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