How To Get Bitcoins for Free With Money Apps

The Internet space is an avenue where you can have not only unhindered access to a variety of information but also seek alternative ways to earn money while you’re at it. With the plenty of varying methods where you can earn cash – whether it’s free Venmo money or free cash app money – you’ll also find it convenient how you can safely do this within the confines of your home. Most times, earning free money online involves accomplishing meager tasks which you can easily do in your spare time.

With the advent of technology and the digital era, numerous sites now allow you to earn cryptocurrency or free Bitcoin. Bitcoin basically refers to a digital currency that permits people worldwide to make safe transactions without requiring any third parties or banks. Earning free Bitcoin through free money apps is a trend many people are now opting for, mainly because of how valuable this currency can get. Apart from that, it’s also relatively easy to do!

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is generally considered the first cryptocurrency and is the best among the thousands of cryptocurrencies today. It is a digital currency with a decentralized network that allows you to sell, buy, or exchange without needing intermediaries like banks. Being decentralized makes the currency accessible and free of use to anyone while making it entirely hard to destroy.

Since it has existed in 2009, Bitcoin has been operating without fail, skyrocketing about ten times in value and securing $43,000 worth of trading amount fairly recently. It’s also worth noting that Bitcoin has drastically changed the currency landscape. Numerous investors now treat it as a stable source of value and gold’ that they can hedge against inflation and market volatility.

12 Best Ways to Get Bitcoins for Free

how to get bitcoins for free

The big question is: is it possible to earn free Bitcoin? The simple answer is yes, it is possible! There are legitimate and authentic ways to earn Bitcoins with the help of free money apps. Compared to usual money-making ways on the internet, the difference with earning free bitcoin is that it can be beneficial when the price constantly rises over time. Once this happens, this allows you to gain significant profits.

Despite this, it’s also important to remember that the amount of free Bitcoin that you may receive is not always the same and may differ in terms of the activities that you accomplish.

This isn’t a drill – if you want to get your hands on free Bitcoin, there are plenty of proven-and-tested methods that you can do so. From answering surveys, signing up to money apps, shopping, trading, and more, you can quickly secure free money without breaking a sweat!

That being said, we’ve listed the different legitimate ways you can earn free bitcoin with money apps to guide you. Make sure to read through all the necessary information and follow the steps to secure that free cash!

1. Earn Bitcoin by Learning About Bitcoin

You can earn instant Bitcoin rewards just by learning more about the currency through sites or apps such as Coinbase. Currently, Coinbase is considered the largest crypto exchange in the world, amassing over 25 million users across 32 different countries across the globe.

To earn free cash, there are two different methods that you can choose from. One way to do this is by simply creating your account in Coinbase, where you can learn about various cryptocurrencies through Coinbase Earn.’ Coinbase provides various short videos and courses related to cryptocurrency that you’ll need to watch to answer the quiz. Then, you have to get through the quiz and answer all the questions correctly. You may also need to complete certain tasks along the way. You will be fairly rewarded with a small portion of crypto coins based on how many tasks you’ve accomplished and the correct answers.

Another method to earn free Bitcoin is through their referral program. For each friend you refer to the app, you’ll receive a reward of $10 Bitcoin.

However, before you get to do this, you’ll need to sign up on the website. There aren’t any additional fees needed just for registration since Coinbase is one of the best free money or cryptocurrency apps for signing up. After doing this, you will receive a Bitcoin reward of $5 when your ID is verified.

2. Arbitrage Trading

If you’re looking for a safe and legitimate way to make free Bitcoin money, you can do so by trading cryptocurrency through Arbitrage. Arbitrage offers you the chance to buy a certain asset at a certain price where you can put it up immediately for dibs at an even higher price.

For this, you’ll need to factor in some considerations. You must consider the fiat money transfers speed, price margins between certain exchanges, and access restrictions to discover opportunities to earn free Bitcoin. Because of this, many traders automate the process by utilizing trading bots, making it more convenient. This is because bots tend to work 24/7 and can continuously trade while abiding by the strategies and rules you define. You can consider Cryptohopper, which is thus far the most recommended crypto bot for trading.

3. Answer Surveys for Earn Bitcoin

One of the easiest ways to get free Bitcoin is by answering surveys through free survey apps. Taking surveys is relatively easy to do, but they’re also an activity that you can conveniently fit within your free time, regardless of where you are.

Toluna is a top consumer intelligence platform that provides companies with real-time insights about their services and products with utmost efficiency. In a nutshell, it is a community consisting of millions of influencers around the globe who share their comments in exchange for free Bitcoin rewards. Toluna also announced their partnership with all-digital rewards company Neocurrency, which utilizes data in identifying the best prizes and rewards that help reinforce purchase and loyalty participation.

Neocurrency makes it possible for Toluna influencers to get a free Bitcoin Gift card reward simply for sharing their insights, opinions, or comments on services, brands, and products to the community.

Through this reward catalog option, influencers using Toluna will also have the chance to exchange their acquired points for the Bitcoin Digital Card reward that has $20 worth of value.

4. Free Bitcoin Mining

Another method to earn Bitcoin is through Bitcoin mining. Here, you can earn free cryptocurrency with no additional payments or fees needed to start. Miners typically receive free Bitcoin as simple rewards for finishing certain “blocks” of confirmed transactions piled up to the blockchain.

The rewards system here is based on who can complete complicated and tricky hashing puzzles first. For this, you may need an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or a graphics processing unit (GPU) to begin with your mining necessities.

You can consider various Bitcoin mining apps like BEMine, ARE Kryptex, Cudo Miner, Hashing24, Computta, and ECOS if you’re interested in mining Bitcoin.

5. Earn Instant $250 in BlockFi for Signing Up

In most cases, you can only earn only short of 0.50% APY even with high-yielding savings accounts. This doesn’t even level off with the growing inflation.

However, the BlockFi Interest Accounts remedies this by allowing your cryptocurrency to earn about 8% APY in cryptocurrency, by which you can also get paid on a monthly basis. Here, there are no restrictions regarding the amount you can earn. This also means that you generally earn more the more that you hold.

By using BlockFi, you have the choice to either sell or buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like LTC, ETH, PAXG, and LINK. There are also no additional fees needed to pay, so you can immediately begin earning crypto interest as soon as your trade is completed.

Moreover, the BlockFi app allows you to borrow funds with significantly low rates like 4.5% APR against your crypto. This way, you can still push through a loan while being able to hold onto your cryptocurrency.

There are no conditions or catch and minimum balance needed to gain interest, so you can opt to withdraw anytime you prefer. Here, you can choose to fund your account in BlockFi with ACH transfers from your bank account or straight from your crypto wallet. (edited)

6. Try Coinbase Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for you to earn free Bitcoin seamlessly. Affiliate marketing refers to when you promote the products of other companies. Here, you get to earn money when someone simply downloads an app, registers for a service, or buys a product through your affiliate link. You receive considerable commission money by persuading people to do these activities through your link to generate income.

You can also do this successfully by generating a decent following on social media or starting a blog where you can post affiliate advertisements online to reach a wide number of audiences and consumers.

But more than that, Coinbase is an app and platform that provides one of the best affiliate programs if you’re considering earning free Bitcoin through affiliate marketing. You get to earn an equivalent of $10 in Bitcoin if one of your referrals either sells or buys an amount worth $100 or more Bitcoin within three months of creating their account.

7. $5000 Bitcoin for Signing Up with Unifi Money

Unifimoney is a high-end digital money management avenue for insurance, investing, banking, credit, or more that helps you protect or build your wealth seamlessly.

That being said, the app currently runs a lucrative offer where you can get up to $5000 worth of Bitcoin reward by simply depositing an amount ranging from $1000 to $500000 upon two weeks of creating your account on the platform. There are also specific tier rewards you can refer to if you’re curious about the amount of money you can earn from each deposit.

What’s also great is that there’s no catch here – you just need to be qualified for the reward within 14 days to get your reward. Simply open your account in Unifimoney and make a deposit of $1,000 for your free Bitcoin.

8. Free Bitcoin Through Cash Back Apps

Cashback and Rewards apps such as Honey, Seated, Ibotta, Fetch Rewards, Rakuten, RetailMeNot, Dosh, and more pay you free bitcoin that you can immediately cash out to your personal bank account as soon as you see your savings increase.

Here are examples of great free Cashback apps you can use to get your Bitcoin reward:

  • Lolli: You earn free Bitcoin rewards by shopping at over 1,000 leading merchants without any risk. Easy and convenient, the Lolli app allows you to get up to 30% back in Bitcoin for your purchase.
  • sMiles: This free money app allows you to earn Bitcoin by just walking, playing games, accomplishing surveys, and shopping with Bitcoin cashback. The sMIles app utilizes the Lightning Network to reward your healthy routines. This means that you get rewarded by merely doing what you’re already used to doing – whether it be playing games, walking, or shopping! Like Lolli, you acquire up to 30% Bitcoin cashback for simply shopping. There are also options where you can compete with friends in doing certain tasks. But more than anything, you can get on the road to being healthier while earning free money!

9. Earn Bitcoin Playing Games

A growing trend for earning Bitcoin is the crypto-based game applications. These cryptocurrency game applications allow you to win free Bitcoin by playing games and doing specific tasks. To do this, you first need to register on the app and use it to cash out your rewards.

Some of the best apps you can easily download on the Play Store for this are Bitcoin Pop and Bitcoin Blast. Currently, there aren’t plenty of options to choose from in the App Store if you’re using an iPhone, which gives Android phones certain leverage here. Despite this, you can still use other apps that can pay you cash and then ultimately buy Bitcoin on the Robinhood app.

10. Use Bitcoin Lending Platforms

A popular way of accumulating more Bitcoin is by using different Bitcoin lending sites or platforms. These apps serve as avenues to connect and link borrowers who need cryptocurrency and crypto owners who want to lend their coins to gain specific interest. You can consider guaranteed platforms such as Finance Earn if you want to get free Bitcoin through lending.

11. Refer A Friend

Referral programs in different apps such as Binance allow you to reap certain Bitcoin benefits such as discounts, a fiat currency bonus, gain reward points, or even earn free Bitcoin while you’re at it.

A tangible way to do so is by applying for the Bitcoin referral program by Binance. Here, you can refer your colleagues, friends, or family members and earn up to 20% when they pursue transactions in the app. In the same way, your friend also receives a 20% discount, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

Payouts on the Binance platform are made in Bitcoin and other altcoins. Moreover, you can also withdraw your money to your account by using Binance P2P.

12. Free Bitcoin Earning Sites

Popular Bitcoin earning sites allow you to earn up to $200 by completing tasks. Here are some examples of these apps and sites:

  • Cointiply: This free Bitcoin rewards app pays you Bitcoin for every task you complete. The tasks here are hassle-free as well since each is tailored according to your location and age. For the most part, you will need to answer surveys or quizzes and more.
  • One of the oldest and most-patronized Bitcoin earning platforms, you have the opportunity to earn about $200 in free Bitcoin per hour by only clicking on the roll button.
  • Block This platform pays you free Bitcoin for sharing your opinions, playing games, shopping, or testing out new products. You can also redeem your cryptocurrency rewards here straight into your Uphold wallet. Block reward also offers a referral program where you can earn about $2 for every person you refer to the application.


There are many ways you can earn free Bitcoin through various money apps available on iOS and Android. What’s great about the methods mentioned above is you typically don’t need to put in intensive effort just to earn free cash – you can simply fit in an hour or two for accomplishing simple tasks where you can get paid Bitcoin almost instantly.

Whatever you prefer, you have plenty of options to choose from to earn free Bitcoin. You can also opt to pursue different options all at once if you plan on making it big while you’re in this venture. However, the bottom line is that allotting a sufficient amount of time to try out Bitcoin earning is a wise choice to make since you get to earn money with minimal effort.

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