10 Best Games That Pay Real Money

Apart from having a primary job, many people find different ways to earn money on the side. People will find more ways to generate more income for better financial freedom and greater opportunities from freelance gigs, quality investments, or part-time jobs. After all, having extra money lets you treat yourself to some nice things now and then.

But did you know that you can play games that pay real money? That’s right! You heard that one correctly. If you do credible research and look hard enough, you’ll be able to find games that pay real money. Moreover, these apps are also perfect if you have plenty of time in your hands and would like to turn your gaming hobby into a side hustle that generates money.

It also doesn’t matter if you don’t consider yourself a gamer but would still like to give these money-making game apps a shot. Most of these games should be easy to understand, even for total newbies. There are plenty of games available, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

How Does Game Apps Generate Money

These games that pay real money often get their money from advertisements that appear in these game apps you use. Some of the money they make from these ads is then spent on the users for the rewards or cash rewards they receive from playing their games.

On the other hand, they can also get money to pay their player base through the money they receive from game developers. Sometimes, game developers will look for apps like those listed in this list to invite more players to try out their game. And if an app successfully gets users like you to try out those included games, these get-paid-to apps will receive a referral fee.

And yes, the rewards you get from playing these games are a portion of those paid commissions given out by these game developers. Overall, these apps use a multitude of means to get money for funding the rewards they distribute to players. And these are just some good examples for your reference.

10 Best Games That Pay Real Money to Players

games that pay real money

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your phone, you can always try out these games. So, suppose you’re already a fan of playing games without getting paid. In that case, you’ll be even more motivated if you’re getting paid while having a splendid time. With that being said, here are the ten best game apps that pay real money below:

1. Mistplay 

Many users highly favor this play-to-earn app. It consists of a Loyalty Program for users and finds game recommendations for you to choose from. Considering that, you can easily select games that you’d like to play and earn money while you do so.

Playing different games in Mistplay lets you earn units or Mistplay points that you can use to get other rewards. In addition, longer time spent on this means more units that you can collect and exchange for a wide variety of prizes. These rewards include gift cards that you can use for merchants such as Playstation, Visa, Amazon, and other prominent retailers you could think of.

Earning 1,500 units lets you redeem a $5 gift card. Consistent grinding and playing in Mistplay can let you make around $3 to $5 every hour. And in a month, you can earn approximately $50 if you continuously use this game app. And if you doubt this app’s legitimacy, do know that they have sent over 16,000,000 to their dedicated players.

Unfortunately, Mistplay is only available for Android users. But don’t worry! There should be other games that are readily available for playing for iOS users. Keep reading this article to find out more games that pay real money.

2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars includes an easy two-minute signup process before letting you play games to earn cash. The app will even provide you with a $5 signup bonus to kickstart your earning journey. Besides playing games to earn real money, you can also do easy assignments. These include viewing clips, answering polls, and scouring the net using the app’s search toolbar.

Upon signing up for the game app, you can choose between different arcade-style games or gameshow program games. The least possible amount you can cash out in this game app amounts to $30. Rewards in InboxDollars involve various gift cards, money rewards, and PayPal rewards.

Playing games for at least ten minutes in this app per day in a month will yield you an additional $50 that you can use for your necessities or splurges. If luck is on your side, you might get $10, $50, or even $100 cash rewards from scratching off tickets given to you in the game app.

3. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is a game app available for both Android and iOS users. They also have their own website if you’d like to access Swagbucks on your computer. Although Swagbucks lets you earn money by playing games, you can also earn cash through different means.

These other methods include answering surveys, watching videos, and taking on free trials of products or services. Doing these tasks allows you to earn SB or Swagbucks points. And similar to Mistplay, Swagbucks also lets you choose from varying games, so you don’t have to simply stick to a game you don’t prefer.

Besides redeeming gift cards, Swagbucks also lets you cash out actual money through PayPal. Its minimum reward for redemption is PayPal money worth $10, and you’d need 1000 SB to get it. As of writing, Swagbucks has sent out nearly $700,000,000 to all its users.

4. Swagbucks LIVE

If you’re looking for more game apps that pay real money, then you should try out Swagbucks LIVE. Yes, it’s also affiliated with the Swagbucks app mentioned above. However, this one follows a different method for earning real money.

Like Swagbucks, Swagbucks LIVE is available for Android and iOS users. If you consider yourself a bit brainy or happen to know some trivia, then this is your chance to earn more Swagbucks or SB points. Swagbucks LIVE games consist of ten questions. Participants can join these games free of charge.

Each game has a ten to fifteen-minute duration and gives players one chance to rejoin the game upon early elimination. Winners get to split a cash prize worth a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1,000. Some rewards might be given to winners through SB points.

Take note that 100 SB points yield $1. And similar to the Swagbucks app above, you can exchange your hard-earned SB points for gift cards and PayPal money.

5. Pool Payday

Pool Payday works like your standard billiards game. Except, of course, it’s held online this time through an app and is accompanied by awesome 3D graphics. Many users even commend the game for having realistic billiards gameplay.

And with real-time leaderboards and trophies, you can truly experience the competitive atmosphere when playing Pool Payday. They even offer an excellent loyalty program that sends out rewards for merely participating in their games. So, if you’re a true billiards junkie and would love to utilize your billiards skills to earn extra cash, you should highly consider this game.

6. Solitaire Cube 

Do you have a knack for playing Solitaire? Then this is your chance to turn your favorite hobby into a money-making deal. Solitaire Cube is a game app that lets users play competitive Solitaire tournaments with users for a chance to earn real money.

Each round lasts around one to two minutes. Players in Solitaire Cube are divided according to their skill set or level. Due to that, you don’t have to worry about getting matched to pros if you’re still new to this game. Money that you earned from this game can be cashed out via PayPal.

Unfortunately, some states in the US don’t allow cash tournaments for Solitaire Cube and similar games. But if you’re not in it for the prize and happen to live in those states, you can still participate for fun. To date, Solitaire Cube has held over 100 million contests and holds at least 500,000 matches each day.

7. Lucktastic 

Want to play games for real money? Lucktastic is another good choice for you to try. Its game mechanics involve playing with scratch cards that you can obtain for free. Simply select your preferred theme, scratch digital cards, and hope for the best to win real cash.

Anyway, merely logging into the app every day to claim Lucktastic’s daily bonuses could help you redeem a valuable Amazon gift card. So, if you believe you’re a lucky person, then you should try your luck with Lucktastic. Sadly, it’s only available for Android devices.

8. Blackout Bingo

Backout Bingo is another one of those easy to play game apps that pay real money. It has more than five million players globally and brags 13,000 good reviews from its players. You just need to focus, be quick, and implement the best strategies to win all your bingo matches.

This game app works like traditional bingo games, except they’re held online through an app and involve the usage of neat graphics. Each match only lasts for two minutes, so you can easily play tons of rounds to your liking. Although you can’t quickly earn huge amounts of money here, reviews state that users have made around $30 from playing this game in just two days.

9. Drop

If you want variety in the games you play, downloading Drop is your best bet. This game app lets you discover varying games found on the Apple Store or Google Play. The drop will then let you accomplish a specific task geared towards the game you chose. Finishing these tasks will grant you points.

And just like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, playing games isn’t just the only way for you to earn points in the app. You can also take surveys, use cashback promotions, and do other effortless tasks to get points. You can also directly shop from the Drop app and obtain points for every order you place.

Earning a particular amount of points lets you redeem gift cards that you can use for several prominent brands. And if you’re obsessed with Starbucks, Amazon, and Netflix, do note that Drop allows you to redeem points with these merchants!

Are you still doubting the credibility of the app? It’s also worth noting that the app has more than 45,000 positive feedback and is used by over four million users.

10. Givling

If you’re someone with a large sum of student loans to pay, this trivia app might provide you with the help you need. Both iOS and Android users can download it, and there are two methods you can utilize to win cash prizes in the game app.

Let’s start with the first method. This method involves participating in Givling’s daily trivia tournaments. At the beginning of the game, you will be assigned to a team consisting of three members. The questions given out per game can be answered with true or false, and getting the right answers could garner you points for your team. Of course, the team with the highest number of points gets to share a cash reward.

Here’s the second method. This way includes participating in Givling’s regular games given out every day. These games will grant users queue points. More queue points earned means moving up Givling’s queue, allowing you to get approximately $50,000 worth of your student loans paid. Besides playing their daily games, you can also finish Givling sponsor offers to accumulate queue points.

Givling manages to pay off these student debts using the ads present in their games. The revenue generated from these ads is then used to pay off a hefty sum of their players who have student loans to pay.

Although Givling works more like a lottery or a game contest and doesn’t provide sure means for you to earn money, it’s another excellent example of game apps that pay real money to its users. And as of writing, Givling has shelled out nearly $7,000,000 for student loans.


To sum it all up, there are a wide variety of apps or games that pay real money. And the best best part? You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to play these games. Other apps even provide you with other means to earn the necessary points, allowing you to have variety in the tasks you want to do.

More importantly, just ensure that the ones you’re playing are legit and don’t have the tell-tale signs that they’re scammy apps. You can do this by looking for proven track records of their legitimateness and finding helpful reviews before downloading any get-paid-to apps of your choice.

And lastly, don’t think that using these apps would generate amounts of money equal to or more than the money you make at your day job. Just think of them as another means for you to earn extra income and not as a means to get rich quickly. Best wishes on your money-making journey with these apps!

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