How to Get Free Virtual Credit Card With Money

Nowadays, with the advent of advanced technology, money transaction for people develops massively to improve the living of each one of us.

If you’re still living under a rock, you probably haven’t heard about Virtual Credit cards. The virtual credit card has the same usage as the traditional credit cards. The only difference between them is a virtual credit card offers additional security and protection to your money.

Also, it helps you to make your transactions easily. Especially online. In simple words, Virtual credit cards are commonly used for only purchases. This card provides a 16-digit card number and the expiry date.

To understand the idea further, let me guide you with pointers about how Virtual Credit Card works and what companies offer unlimited money spending to shop and purchase your desired items online.

What is Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

When you do your routine of mall shopping, purchasing tools, and apparel, a credit card is your best friend to use for handling your every paying transaction. Virtual Credit Cards can be your new best friend.

The way virtual Credit card works are identical to how your physical card works. Still, the difference is VCC provides more convenience for users because the transaction is only with your mobile devices or other gadgets. People with Virtual credit cards use them for handling their items purchased through online shops and the marketplace.

free virtual credit card

There are a ton of Virtual Credit Cards across the globe that provides pretty much the same services. Here are some of the most commonly used free virtual credit card with free money in the US.

1. The US Unlocked

Us Unlocked provides online transactions from various popular shops and websites. They also offer two types of Virtual credit cards. The first one can only be used one time. The second one is a merchant-specific VCC.

2. American Express Go

American Express Go virtual credit cardsoffer a faster bill and payment transaction method for all online users to provide ease and convenience. You can also monitor your recent transactions, enabling you to manage all of your spending.

3. Wise VCC

Wise virtual credit cards allow you to freeze your card immediately after purchasing. Wise will help the users to secure their payments online. Wise provides services for more than 50 different currencies.

4. Blur Virtual Credit Card

Blur allows its users to checkout through their phone, tablets, or browser. They provide better safety and security services for cybercriminals, stop secret data gathering, detect hidden trackers, etc.

5. Privacy Virtual Card

One of the unique features of privacy is they offer a unique card number that is only accessible for specific merchants. And also, with just one tap, you can easily cancel your subscriptions and services

6. Airtime VCC

Airtime is a virtual credit card that allows you to make online payments with any currency. And for cryptocurrency users, they provide cards that can be reloaded with cryptocurrencies.

7. Bento Virtual Card

Bento helps to manage your purchases and transactions online easily. The company provides more reliable security than your traditional credit card.

8. Netspend VCC

Netspend is a virtual credit card company that provides an exciting feature by making your personalized cards using images and photos. They also have a feature of sending your online transactions via text message.

9. ecoVirtualcard

ecoVirtualcard is a virtual credit card provider that is very easy to use. They allow you to get a virtual credit card pin without delay and inconvenience. The verification process has two steps to provide more security for the users.

10. Brex Virtual Credit Card

Their Virtual credit cards provide ease for people who want to apply. They also offer live customer support. And their virtual credit cards help you to manage your transactions easily.

11. Emburse Virtual Card

Emburse offers their customers both virtual credit cards and traditional credit cards. They provide more security on their service by verifying the person for every transaction they make.

12. ePayService

ePayservice provides a safe and secure online purchase for its users, and they provide more buyers control on the cards to make every transaction convenient and easy.

14. Virtual iCard

iCard’s virtual credits cards enable the users to purchase items from eCommerce websites. They also perform real-time transactions and help you manage your purchase and transaction through your phone.

15. Divvy Virtual Card

One of the cool features of Divvy is that it allows you to use a 16-digit card number for your online transactions and purchases. The company offers more security and protection from secret data gathering, detecting hidden trackers, and data breaches.

16. Klarna VCC

Klarna is widely known for its “pay later” feature. Another fantastic perk they offer here is when you purchase online and decide to pay them later, the installments are interest-free, which means they do not charge for unnecessary extra fees and services.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Card

Virtual Credit Cards is an excellent tool for your money transactions every day. Including online shopping, paying your bills, traveling, subscription bills, and others, most companies that provide our everyday needs offer online payment, so having a virtual credit card on this day is beneficial.

Here are some of the main advantages of Virtual Credit Cards on our day-to-day transactions;

Safe and Secure

Most of us have doubts about the safety and security of our money stored online, so it is common for some users to hesitate to acquire virtual credit cards, but no, Virtual Credit Cards are safe. Most Virtual Credit Card companies offer a reliable and secure verification process and identification to protect your virtual bank.

Instant and easy to use

One of the main advantages of Virtual Credit Cards is how convenient it is for most users; you can access them by simply saving the card details on your smartphone and then starting using them anywhere. It saves time compared to using your traditional credit cards.

They offer perks and benefits

Similar to your physical credit cards, companies grant virtual credit card users exciting perks for using them in shopping, travel, dining, reservations, bills, etc. Some companies will provide a free virtual credit card with money before depositing on their credit card.

Managing your bills and subscriptions

Virtual Credit Cards can also make online payments such as Netflix, Disney plus, HBO, Spotify, and Apple Music subscriptions. One of its main features is you can monitor the transcript of your expenses from a particular merchant. You can easily cancel your subscription if a specific shop of merchants overcharges you. Or if you are no longer satisfied with their services.

The Down side of Using Virtual Card

Of course, virtual credit cards are not the perfect tool for money transactions. They still consist of disadvantages and downsides. Here are some of the common weaknesses of virtual credit cards people commonly complain about.

Money is difficult to retrieve

There are some events where your payment is impossible to retrieve, especially during purchasing from a scammer. Sometimes virtual credit card companies offer weak safety and security services.


For example, when you need to pick the item physically, you must show your credit card. When you use an online card for the transaction, there are some occasions that the temporary number will not be the same as the one on your credit card.

These sometimes create frustration for some users because of the inconvenience and time consuming to provide a solution.

How to Use a Virtual Credit Card

The steps I use Virtual credit cards are very similar to how you use your regular cards:

  1. Input the number on your virtual credit card.
  2. Input the date of when your virtual credit card will be expired.
  3. Input the OTP number sent to you via mobile text.
  4. Finish the transaction.

Can a Virtual Credit Card be Used in Any Transaction

You can use your virtual credit card for every online purchase and payment, such as;

  • Subscription payments and other bill payments.
  • Booking a flight, hotel, restaurants.
  • Online shopping.
  • Booking a movie ticket.


On the large field of eCommerce and online shopping today, they include money transactions, which require you to provide your identity, the recipient’s address, and your credit card information. There is a massive possibility of encountering fraudulent purchases, scammers, and hackers.

Virtual credit cards are a modern product that is beneficial for many people to protect their money and personal information. Using virtual credit cards is an alternative tool to avoid more significant consequences when cybercriminals access our main accounts.

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