The 20 Best Free TV Streaming Services

One thing to know with the cable TV companies is that they charge even the channels that you do not watch. Since there are few popular or good channels that you usually enjoy, your cable channel TV provider is using this trick to charge you more money by paying those you don’t watch.

But, there are other ways to get the cable premium channels free of charge. With these options, you will access paid TV channels. This post brings you the best ways to get free premium cable TV. So, let’s get started.

Can i watch tv on the internet for free?

Yes, you can watch TV on the internet for free. There are a number of websites that offer free TV streaming, including ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. You can also find other channels that offer free TV streaming, including HGTV, TNT, and USA. You will need to create an account with each of these websites in order to watch TV on the internet for free.

20 Best Free TV Streaming Services

free tv streaming

Looking for a way to watch your favorite TV shows without spending a fortune? Check out our list of the 21 best free TV streaming services. From Netflix to Hulu, you’re sure to find a service that meets your needs.

1. Air HDTV Antenna

One of the significant ways to get the tv channels is that you could have to get them from a satellite TV with a dish. With HDTV Antenna over the air, you will get premium and free channels. If you live near a broadcasting tower, you have to utilize this opportunity because the signals near the broadcasting tower appear to be strong.

Here you will save the investment you could have made buying the HDTV antenna because you can use even leftovers of cable TV, and it will work for you. With this option, you will access free cable channels in your area.

2. Free Cable TV Apps

You can get free cable TV via mobile Apps. If you have a smartphone, install the mobile app and then connect it with your TV and enjoy the Cable TV channels. Here you will also use the USB adapter and HDMI cable. After you successfully create the setup, you can enjoy various channels you want.

3. Streaming TV Online

Most TV channels are broadcasted online, where you can watch your favorite premium TV channels without paying for the services. Some of the Cable TV provides streaming services on their website, and others use other platforms like 123movies.

You can visit other networks like ABC, NBC, FOX, and others to enjoy the services. With these sites, all the users can watch the program without paying any fee. On the site, you can also search for the previous episodes, and you watch them. Therefore you can visit the website of your choice and get the premium TV channels free of charge.

4. Roku TV

Roku is a small device that provides streaming services. You have to buy this small device and connect it to your TV. Then connect Roku to the Internet, it will be able to fetch the premium channels content, and you will watch it on your TV. Some of the channels that you will enjoy free of charge include; Netflix, Showtime BBC, all 4, HBO, and many others.

5. Amazon Fire Stick and Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire Stick is a device that will help you access TV series or movies. Once you have this device, you will gain access to premium channels programs free of charge. You can buy these gadgets on amazon and connect the device to your TV HDMI port.

Make sure also you connect the gadget to the Internet. Once the connection is made successful, you will start enjoying the premium channels free of charge. Some of the Channels that you will enjoy free of charge include Show Time, Hulu, Netflix, Prime Video, NBC, and many others.

Through the Amazon Fire TV cube also you can have access to the premium channels free of charge. The device act as a free streaming media which can give access to premium programs to your TV.

6. Triple Play System

Triple play system is one of the gadgets that once you purchase it, they offer you free cable channels as a bonus. The system is reliable and efficient since it uses fiber cable to access the premium channels content. You can use the best triple system like Comcast Xfinity and enjoy unlimited services with it.

7. Using Free Internet

This is another option you can use to get free cable channels on your TV and watch. Some of the sites that allow you to get the free Internet are EveryoneOn, FreedomPop among others. Once you meet their criteria, you can gain access to the free Internet that you can use to connect the TV using the HDMI and enjoy the free premium TV channels.

8. Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a device that will help you to access the premium channels free of charge. Some of these channels you can access are Hulu, Netflix, and many others. You will have to buy and install the device on your TV through the TV HDMI port, and you will be ready to enjoy the premium cable TV channels free of charge.

9. Through Government Schemes

Other states pay for the expensive TV channels for their citizens. Some of the expenses include broadband internet costs, and if you have free Internet, you can use devices like Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick and access the premium channels free of charge.

10. Kodi

Kodi is a device that allows you to view videos, music, podcasts, and storing string content to the device over the Internet. To watch the premium TV channel for free, you will require a laptop and the Kodi device so that you can receive the videos from the channels and watch them.

11. Sling TV

You can stream videos through your smartphone, television, and a media player with a sling TV. This TV set can be connected with other devices like Google Chromecast, Roku, and many others to help you access the premium cable TV free of charge.

12. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a device that allows you to access premium TV channels free on the Internet. With this device, you will not require to register anywhere to start watching your favorite TV channels or shows.

13. Popcornflix

It is a streaming channel that offers premium channel content online without paying for them. Also, no registration is required.

14. Android TV box

The gadget will allow you to stream videos directly from your TV. You can use some famous apps and stream TV shows from Showtime, Netflix, and many others. You have to connect the TV with the Android TV box and connect it to the Internet. Then you can enjoy the programs loaded on the device or use the apps to access the TV channels free of charge.

15. Pluto TV

It is a kind of Tv where you can watch premium TV channels free of charge. You will have a lot of channels that you can watch for free, so you can consider buying this TV.

16. YouTube

It is another option where many people do not think it is possible. Most of the premium TV channels have youtube channels where they stream their shows and upload previous shows or episodes.

Here you will need a smartphone and internet connection and search your favorite TV channel on YouTube. To have a wider view, you can screencast your phone screen to your TV.

17. Checking From the Library Database

If your interest is movies or videos, you can find some of these in the local library. Therefore rather than paying for the premium channels, you can check your local library to get the latest and favorite shows and movies.

18. Xbox

Through Xbox, you will access some premium TV channels free of charge.

29. Yahoo view

Through yahoo view, you can stream and enjoy free cable channels online.

20. Vudu

This is a site you can use to stream your favorite shows or TV channels at a small fee. There are many channels and streaming services that you can enjoy on the site.

Since the US federal communication commission state that the TV cable companies should provide several options for the users, then in most case, you will be able to watch both the premium and free channels using the appropriate apps.

Tips About free TV Cable Channels

Other free premium cable channels will allow you to sign up on their site, and then you will stream your favorite shows without any cost.

Apart from the option, you have learned the federal communication commission in us states that even the premium channel should offer packages or services where the consumer can enjoy. With this, you will get a lot of free premium cable TV channels.

Is it not a must to depend on the premium TV cable network? As you have seen, there are many options that you can utilize and save money while enjoying unlimited free cable channels?

Final Words

It is a good idea to use an option that will offer your free cable channels before you go for the premium TV channel. Other options are even cheaper, while still offering the same services. With the free premium option, you will save your money and, at the same time, enjoy the same services you could get while using the premium channel.

You can consider using any other ways above and start enjoying watching your favorite channels or shows.

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