How Can You Get a Free Tablet With Medicaid

New gadgets with top functionalities have entered the industry in the past few years. Compared to the basic cell phone, the tablet seems to be the most preferred gadget. And surely, the reason as to why it’s loved is known to every person. You can use a tablet in various ways, including networking, researching, and learning.

Tablet much more unique features ensure that you receive the finest services possible. Tablets have also been reported to be more costly than basic cell phones. As a result, most individuals avoid using it as they can’t afford it.

However, the national government collaborates with non-profit groups to offer free tablet with Medicaid program. This article explains how to acquire a free tablet with Medicaid, so keep reading to find out!

What Is Medicaid, and How Does it Works

Medicaid is a healthcare scheme that gives free or low health care services to multitudes of people in the United States. Both the state and federal government administrations are involved in the initiative. Many people cannot afford to participate in health initiatives.

They no longer need to be concerned since they may now obtain cheap medical services through the Medicaid scheme. The Medicaid plan helps low-income families, disabled people, and the aged get free phones and tablets. Medicaid is primarily financed by the state and operates under a set of tight criteria.

free tablet with medicaid

Nevertheless, you ought to be aware that the benefits of the Medicaid initiative differ from one state to another. Medicaid is a government-run healthcare program in several states, also known as “Medical Assistance” and “MediCal.” Many Americans have benefitted from this initiative, which emphasizes the need for health security for everyone.

How Can You Get a Free Tablet With Medicaid

Through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you’ll be able to register for a free tablet using Medicaid. Go to their official site and sign up for a new account to register through Marketplaces. From there, finish.

Now examine the full Medicaid registration procedure for obtaining a complimentary tablet. It helps Medicaid members qualify for a free tablet from Assurance Wireless. It ought to be investigated. To get a complimentary tablet from such a scheme, you should also have documentation proving that you are eligible for Medicaid.

Afterward, go to the online webpage and fill out the request form. Go to the authorized web page for Assurance Wireless and open an account. After that, you must fill out the registration form appropriately.

Throughout this comprehensive online application, essential facts such as birth date, residence, name, job title, or any relevant facts must be completed accurately. After completing the request form, you must submit a scanned duplicate of your Medicaid card. Then you must double-check all of the details on the request form before clicking submit.

Should you wish to apply online, you could do so by downloading the form from the website, filling it out, and mailing it.

Whenever your request is granted, you shall get a coupon that will allow you to acquire a free tablet. This coupon can be used in a variety of places. Consider signing up through Assurance Wireless and get free tablet services after you get a free slate.

You must connect the handset to the internet once your request for a free mobile phone service using Assurance Wireless has indeed been accepted. Hence, You may get one year of prepaid sim card plans if you enroll your device only with a provider.

Best Wireless Providers They Give Tablets with Medicaid

1) Qlink Wireless

You may consider using Qlink Wireless which offers free tablets with Medicaid. Customers who qualify for the EBB are given new tablets with such a one-time, not transferable rebate. You must, nevertheless, deposit $10.01 for the tablet, which will be deducted when you process your request for the gadget.

Because this is a constrained deal, you must keep in touch with them just to take advantage of it. Consumers who qualify for the promotions will receive data plans, text, and voice capabilities that may be utilized on their tablets.

How to apply;

It is really straightforward to apply for the Qlink Wireless Program and get a free tablet. Just go to: and enter your ZIP code and email address. After you’ve entered your information, click “Receive it now.” All you’d have to do now is follow the directions and complete the application.

You must also supply the essential documentation plus information to demonstrate that you meet the EBB qualification standards.

After submitting your application, wait for your application to be approved. Qlink Wireless will implement the savings to your regular account and provide you with a free tablet immediately if it has been accepted.

2) Standup Wireless

Standup Wireless, just like the QLink, works together with the EBB initiative to offer free tablets with Medicaid to people. Those in the EBB scheme receive a one-time rebate of approximately $100 for specified devices. According to FCC regulations, the organization must collect a fee of $10.01 for the gadget.

Standup Wireless sells an 8-inch tablet that can connect to wireless as well as other cellular operators. Clients that satisfy the qualifying conditions can also get monthly subscriptions. They offer 10 Gigabytes of internet, unlimited talk, and texts.

Alternative Ways to Get a Tablet With Medicaid

Below are ways to get a free tablet with Medicaid;

1) Through charitable organizations and Non-profit firms

Various charities and non-profit groups have stepped forward to provide free tablets to low-income families. Nonprofits such as the Salvation Army are aiming at helping low-income households get a tablet free of charge. As we all know, they provide free meals, clothing, and equipment, among other necessities.

Aside from that, they give away free medications to truly needy people. To learn further about these services, go to their main site. Nevertheless, you must justify why you require a tablet; they will give you lots of free tablets if you believe your desire is legitimate.

2) Using local churches

Churches are also offering a helping hand to those who need help. And among the help offered is free tablets. Because the churches have a large congregation, many contributions are made. But, ask first to be sure they are offering free phones or tablets.

3) Public Libraries

You can also try looking at the libraries to see if they offer free phone services. If you find a computer in the public libraries, it will help you a lot. You may access the internet for study or work purposes. Besides, you’ll also be able to access the books from the same library online.

4) Look it up on the internet

Everything can be found on the internet these days. You may use sites like Craigslist or Freecycle to find a tablet for a low cost. You may also utilize social networking channels such as Facebook or Twitter to locate a number of Facebook sites that sell used tablets for a significantly lower price.

Best Tablets with Medicaid that are Currently on offer

There are indeed a plethora of businesses that provide free tablets ranging from low-cost to average. Assurance Wireless uses the first-come, first-serve system to distribute free tablets to those who are truly in need.

The procedure of distributing the devices, on the other hand, is entirely dependent on the accessibility of funds. Some other nice thing is that should you get a defective product, you can simply return and swap it for a different one.

Some major companies, such as Samsung, Lenovo, Google, Nvidia, Microsoft, Asus, HTC, as well as ZTE, provide complimentary tablets. They provide low-income people with both new and reconditioned items through a variety of initiatives.

Nevertheless, it is entirely dependent on the coupon that is granted and the local administration’s funding. You also have the alternative of topping up as well as getting a new tablet.

Benefits of Getting a Free Tablet

The following are among the advantages that come with having a complimentary Medicaid Tablet:

Enhance your communication skill- It will be simpler for you to speak with your buddy or relative via video conference should you possess a free Medicaid tablet. You may also use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram to keep acquainted.

The tablet is an outstanding educational tool since they allow you to view instructional films to boost your understanding. Aside from that, the tablet may be used to make video or audio calls. Also you can start making money online if you a tablet.

Cool User Interface- When compared to current mobile telephones, you will receive a sleek user experience with a range of functions. It allows you to divide the large screen into two separate displays, making multitasking easier.


Hopefully, you now know how to get a free tablet with Medicaid. The procedure for receiving a free tablet is simple. What to do is complete each stage and present all of the required documentation you need to apply.

Tablets have become an indispensable part of our life since the majority of people may utilize them for academic and employment reasons. You may acquire a free tablet in a variety of methods, as described in this post.

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