How To Get a Free Tablet With EBT Card 2022

Are you in EBT programs but don’t know how to get free tablet with EBT? I spent hundreds hours to researching on government assistance programs, like lifeline, ACP, Food stamps, and others. I figured out who and how exactly can get a free tablet with ETB card, in this article You will know how to qualify and how the procedure to follow so that you can get a free tablet.

Though the EBT programs were used entirely to offer financial assistance or other benefits like food, today, they also provide free tablets, cell phones and laptops to their members or qualified people. Now let’s discover more about how you can get a free tablet with the EBT program.

How Does EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) Works

tablet with EBT card

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer. It is an electronic system or program that allows the members in an assistant program like SNAP pay for food through the program benefits. For instance, if you are a Supplementary Nutrition assistance program participant, your program EBT account will be debited for the food items you bought once you shop on an approved and recognized retail or shop.

The good thing with the EBT programs is they are used in all the states, so if you are in any of the states and are a participant, you can also have extra benefits of getting a tablet, not only the food benefits.

The EBT Program Eligibility

Before becoming a member of the EBT program, you must meet all the requirements to start receiving the benefits.

Here are the requirements that you must meet to qualify:

  • Income-based criteria: To qualify in this program, you must be an individual who comes from a household with a monthly gross income equal to or less than the federal poverty line, which is 130%.
  • Work-based criteria: Those who work for around 30 to 80 hours a week are eligible for an EBT program like SNAP. If you are a student or a caregiver to children under 6, you are also eligible. Those who are disabled or in drug rehabilitation can also stand the chance of being a participant in the program.
  • Resource criteria: Also, your household resource can evaluate if you qualify for the program or not. For example, you are eligible if you have up to $2 250 in your bank account and other countable sources. If your household has a worth of $3,500 resources, you can also be a member of the program; however, the requirements may vary from one state to the other.
  • Housing eligibility: Your housing can also make you qualify or not. Your house should cost 30% or less of your household income to be considered eligible.
  • Immigrant Status: If you are a legal immigrant who has to live in the U.S for five or more years, you can be eligible in the program and start receiving the benefits.
  • Student based eligibility: If you are a student that you are coming from a low-income household, you will be eligible to receive a free tablet with the EBT program.

Document Needed to Verify for Qualification in the EBT Program

  • Salary slip
  • Student information
  • Photo identity
  • Contact details
  • Residence proof
  • Unemployment documents
  • Pension statement
  • Veteran statements
  • Social security statements
  • And other eligibility documents

How to Apply for the EBT Program

One of the popular programs that you can apply to and become a member of EBT is the Supplementary Nutrition Assistance program. There are different ways to make the application like through online application, mail, and fax, in person and through phone calls.

The application may differ a little bit based on your state.. For instance let’s see the application in Massachusetts and see how you could apply for the EBT benefits.

How you will apply through all of these methods;

1. EBT Online application

  • Step 1: For the online application, you will have to go to the official website and click the “Apply SNAP” button.
  • Step 2: Next, click the get started button.
  • Step 3: Then, you will have to fill in your personal information and click next
  • Step 4: Then fill in your contact information and click continue.
  • Step 5: Then, you have to provide information about the emergence of SNAP benefits
  • Step 6: Fill out more details about yourself.
  • Step 7: Fill in the information about your household
  • Step 8: Then you will have to fill in the information about your household members, income information, and expenses, and when you finish, you will be able to sign in to your account; if you don’t have, you will create one and then apply.

2. Apply Through Mail

Here you will have to download the SNAP benefits application form and then fill in all the required information and mail your application to DTA Document Processing Center, P.O. Box 4406, Taunton, MA 02780.

3. Apply Through Fax

Also, you will have to download the application form and fill in the required details and then fax the application to: DTA Document Processing Center, (617) 887-8765

4. In-person

If there is a nearby or local DTA office, you can visit in person and make the application.

5. Apply Through Cell Phone

You can also call the assistance line 877-382-2363 and press 7 to make the application. The line is available from Monday to Friday and from 8.15 am to 4.45 pm.

How to Get a free Tablet with EBT Card

Now, since you have known how you can become a member of the EBT program, it’s time to explore the available opportunity there, which through your EBT program membership can help you get a free tablet. The best option that you can use to get the free tablet with the EBT program includes the assistance program like a lifeline or emergency broadband benefit.

Lifeline and emergence broadband benefits are programs for low-income families and they can get a free tablet and other accessible or affordable communication services through the program.

The good thing about the program is that many providers participate in the program. Getting a free tablet of your choice would be easier since you have the freedom to choose the lifeline provider you want. Now let’s look at at least two providers that you can use and how you can apply for the free tablet with the EBT program. Below are explain major 2 EBT Free Tablet Providers;

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is among the biggest carriers, and they offer different devices, including tablets nationwide. It’s under the emergency benefit program and if you are eligible or you are among the household affected with Covid-19, you can get a tablet free of charge.

One of the qualifications for getting a free tablet is the same qualification you need to meet when applying for EBT benefits. Therefore if you are a member or a participant of the EBT program, you are qualified since they use almost the same eligibility criteria. Therefore make sure that you are a participant of the EBT program before completing the application through T-Mobile.

How to Apply for T-Mobile Free Tablet

To apply for T-Mobile is a simple process. Now let’s look at the steps you can follow to make the application;

  • Step 1: To confirm the eligibility, you have to visit the official get emergency broadband program website and fill in all the required details and verify your eligibility. Here you will need some documents to provide as proof that you qualified and one of them is a statement from the EBT program. You may also have some of your official documents like your citizenship card and many others for verification.
  • Step 2: To complete your application, you will be expected to proceed to the T-Mobile broadband program, create an account, log in to your account, and finish the application. You will see a form that requires almost the same information that you fill in step 1, and then once you complete, you submit the application and wait for the feedback.

2. Q Link Wireless

Q link Wireless is another best lifeline provider that you can use to get a free tablet with EBT. Apart from the free tablet, they also have other plans that you can get at discounted price. So long as you are qualified when you make the application, it will be approved and start benefiting from the program.

One of the qualifications you need to meet is that you must be a participant in a government assistance program; therefore, you will be qualified to make the application if you are a member of an EBT program.

How To Apply for Qlink Wireless EBT Tablet

Also, the steps involved in making the application is straightforward, and within a few minutes, you will be through with it.

  • Step 1: you have to visit the QLink wireless official website, click the sign up button, and sign up.
  • Step 2: Then get verified to the program.
  • Step 3: Finally, activate the service and receive the free tablet with EBT and other services.

Benefits of Using a Tablet

There are a lot of benefits that comes with a free tablet with EBT program. After qualifying, you just apply and wait for your application to go through.

  • The program comes with other benefits of accessing the plans and packages at no cost.
  • Even when the package you are given free of charge is not enough for you, there are many plans offers that you will get at discounted prices.
  • When it comes to its use, you stand a better chance of staying connected and getting in touch with your friends, coworkers, and family members. Unlike phones, tablets can be used to accomplish a task that you could not do with a regular phone.
  • You can use it to accomplish many tasks like performing your job task remotely, teaching with it, doing research and much other helpful functionality.

Can I get a free tablet from other programs if I’m not qualified for EBT

Yes. Apart from the EBT program, there are many options that you can use to get a free tablet. You can mostly rely on a non-profit organization or charitable companies, and once you make the application, you will get one tablet at no cost. Some of the organization that you can use includes:

The salvation army, Accelerated schools program,, causes, Computer Technology Assistance Corps, Computer for learning, Cty.Org, EveryoneOn, Komputers 4 Kinds, Microsoft Registered Refurbished, On its foundation, Smartriverside, Technology Assistant People in Need, World Computer Exchange and many others.

Bottom line

The post has shown you how to get a free tablet with the EBT program, and hopeful you have learned a lot from the information in the article. You have no reason for you not to own a tablet since there are various ways that you can use to get a tablet at no cost so long as you are a participant in the EBT program.

As you have seen above, if you are not already a member of any EBT program, you can follow the steps; they are simple, and you can apply and get approved if you qualify.

Note that the application process may be different from one state to the other; therefore, while applying, pay attention to the required and the details needed so that your application cannot be canceled due to the wrong information you provided.

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