How To Get Free Satellite TV illegally?

Many satellites orbit around the globe, and broadcast TV station programs worldwide. However, some of their channels are encrypted, and for you to decrypt them and start watching, you have to pay for them. However, other satellite broadcasts are free, and you can also subscribe to them and start enjoying the service.

How to get free satellite TV illegally? There are free legal satellite solutions, and you can use them without any subscription fee. In most cases, you can buy and install the required equipment to watch the unlimited satellite TV free of charge. However, there are other ways you can use to unblock both the encrypted paid and free satellite TV channels, though they are illegal in most countries. In this article, you will learn the different ways you can use to get free satellite TV illegally.

Methods to Getting Free Satellite TV illegally

1) Satellite TV Through Hacking TV Cards

Getting free satellite TV illegally can be done through the TV cards. Here you have to compromise with how the TV cards were programmed. In this process, you have to do reverse engineering, understand how the TV cards were designed, and access the privacy or security data. Then you have to tamper with the TV card data not to work as intended and reprogram it to intercept the satellite TV channels.


  • Acetone
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Micro positioner
  • Sewing needle
  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Arduino

Here is how to do it:

  • Use the acetone to strip the TV cards chips.
  • Then use hydrochloric acid and wipe to reveal or see the chip clear.
  • Make a hole that goes through the second layer of the metal of the TV card.
  • Use a micropositioner and hold the TV card in position. Take a sewing needle to open the TV card data bus until you see the control line.
  • Download special programs like Arduino, and install on your computer or laptop.
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  • Reset the TV card instruction.
  • Reprogram the instruction for intercepting the TV channels.
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2) Satellite TV Through Automatic Decrypting

If you are looking at how to get free satellite TV illegally, then this can be an ideal option for you. With this method, you will be able to scan through the satellite TV channels and watch the open TV channel without any problem. However, you will have to use special tools and software to crack them and access unlimited satellite TV channels for the closed or encrypted ones.

Here are some of the requirements;

  • Satellite antenna.
  • DVB card
  • ProgDVB program;
  • plugin MD Yankse 1.32.2 TT
  • plugin Softcam Server 1.2.3
  • Computer
  • Internet connection.

Here is how to do it:

#Step 1: Install the DVB card into your computer motherboard slot. Use the Sky Star 2 card type. Then connect to the internet and download a program called the ProgDVB program. Please install the program on your computer; follow the steps displayed on the displayed window and make sure it is installed successfully. Note that the program is free of charge and also it is easy to work with.

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#Step 2: Then you will need a plugin that will help decode the satellite TV channels. Here you will use a plugin called MD Yankse 1.32.2 TT. The plugin will allow you to see the key selection while cracking the channels. You have to download the plugin. It comes in a zip file. So you will have to unzip it and place it in the root folder where you have installed the ProgDVB program.

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#Step 3: You should also download and install Softcam Server 1.2.3 to the root folder of the ProgDVB program. The program contains the description algorithm and some keys to be used in the cracking process. Remember that the keys that come with this software may change, but if that happens, there are available in the public domain as softcam.key, easy.keys or keys.bin.

#Step 4: At this stage, you will have to launch the ProgDVB program. Next, you have to tune the antenna to a satellite, and it will start to scan the channels. Once a channel is found, you have to save it. After the scan process is finished, you will see the list of all the channels found on the left side of ProgDVB. The open channels will be highlighted differently from those that are encrypted. The encrypted channels will have red buttons, and the open ones will have green buttons.

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#Step 5: Now, if you want to access any of the encrypted or closed satellite TV channels, you will have to click on the channel. It will take some seconds, and the plugins you have already installed will work for you. It will decrypt the channel automatically. However, if it takes much time to decrypt, you can click the plugins show monitor at the process will restart forcibly. If the plugins do not have a valid key, use the key that comes with it once you download them and then enter them manually. After the plugin has successfully decrypted the channel, you can enjoy the service. However, this process in some countries is illegal, so you should know that.

3) Decrypting Using Decryption Keys


  • ProgDVB program
  • DVB card SkyStar2
  • Plugin CSC
  • Internet connection
  • Computer

How to do it:

#Step 1: First, you have to install the DVB card SkyStar2 into your computer motherboard slot. Also, there should be a connector between the video card and the SkyStar 2 card. The functionality of the SkyStar 2 card is to enable you to be able to scan and record all the open and encrypted satellite channels through your computer. Also, this card will help you to receive internet traffic through an asynchronous connection.

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#Step 2: You will have to create your landline internet connection through cable internet, modem or GPRS. This connection will help you get the online decryption keys to watch the free encoded Satellite TV channels.

#Step 3: Now install the download and install ProgDVB to your computer. The program will help you crack and watch the channels from satellite TV without even an internet connection later. You can specify the satellite you want to get the signals through the DiSEqC. Then download the Plugin CSC to your computer, unzip, place it in the ProgDVB folder and install the plugin. You will have to move the msvcr70.dll file to the WINDOWSSYSTEM32 folder. It will allow the ProgDVB to start successfully.

free satellite tv

#Step 4: Launch the ProgDVB program and go to the plugins tab to start the process. Click the card server tab then you will have to configure the plugin by key \u200b\u200bin as username and newcamd525 as your password.

A port connection number and Card server IP address will also share with you for the connection. There will also be an optional description key that you will get. You will click the add item to save the configuration; the displayed window will close after a successful setup.

#Step 5: Now you can scan the Satellite TV channels and save them through the ProgDVB program for an open channel you can watch them without going any further. However, for the closed channels, you will have to click and decode them. During the progress of decoding, the keys will be generated, and once the process finishes, you can use the key once you want to watch the channel you have decrypted.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Final words

The above are the ways that guide how to get free satellite TV illegally. With all the necessary tools and software, you can crack any satellite TV worldwide and start watching the shows or programmes. Remember, the methods above are illegal in some countries, so you have to be sure if it is allowed in your country or not. Hopeful the article has been informative; good luck as you get the free satellite TV channels illegally.

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