How To Get a Free Phone When You Switching Another Carrier

The use of cell phones is becoming more due to technological improvements. Conferences, interacting with others, and movements are currently limited in some areas due to the persisting COVID epidemic. Consequently, cell phones are popularly used for communication. Therefore, many phone companies have increased the production of mobile phones.

Due to the availability of many phone carriers in the market, choosing the carrier to use might be difficult. As a result, these businesses started to give incentives with the aim of persuading clients to use their services.

The Phone companies promotions are free phone when you switch. Among the typical providers that provide such discounts are Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Therefore, in this article, the focus will be on the numerous phone service providers who offer free phones when you switch to their connection.

How To Get Free Phone When You Switch to Another Carrier

As previously mentioned, several mobile carriers provide wonderful discounts on phones at no cost if you shift.

Generally, you might need to explore any of the below options to receive a free device:

  • Trade using your old phone.
  • Enroll on an undefined internet plan.
  • Disconnect from your existing service provider and begin to utilize your new company’s services.

If you decide to move carriers, you might be required to complete an agreement with them. Nevertheless, you would fail to obtain recent models in the market. Alternatively, you might acquire a reconditioned model that would meet most users of your connectivity needs.

Many consumers find this option being appealing than acquiring a new handset because no prior price that exist. When you accept the agreement, you would be compelled to settle it using manageable payments. The pay length may differ depending just on the company you want to engage with.

Free Phone When You Switch

You may utilize the full benefit of this company’s current promotions and determine whether you can acquire a new phone for free. However, this varies from one company to another. Several phone companies sell new devices. LG, Alcatel, Motorola, Samsung, and several others are among them.

In other cases, you might have to spend a fraction of the overall expenditures to receive the device at no cost when you switch. This expense can be covered by the monthly charge. Following that, you would be allowed to obtain a new number that may be enabled in order to begin appreciating the new services.

You might well be fortunate enough to receive deals like unrestricted text, internet, and call plans that will allow you to end up saving money. You must maintain your level of activity to get these benefits. If you wish to discontinue or terminate the service, simply cease purchasing the credits as well as settle the outstanding balance in full.

6 Best Phone Carrier Gives Free Phones When You Switch

free phone when you switch

If you search for companies that provide phones at no cost to clients switch to their carriers, you are likely to find well-known providers are Verizon wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and more.

Unlike other firms, they have large market dominance in this industry. This covers the infrastructure associated with mobile phone operations, such as towers located around the United States. Furthermore, these companies have a lot of way on the prices of the different mobile phones in the market. Mostly, this business offer promotion offers that make it simple for buyers to uncover the tempting discounts.

Certain smaller firms can give you a brand phone after changing to their services. When compared with the carriers stated above, they will give a selection of options designed to meet communication needs. This article includes the six main carriers, and others, which provide phones at no cost when you switch to their services;

1. Verizon

This one is among the biggest and most known wireless internet providers, with coverage of about 99 percent of the US population. Many people like it due to its dependable network coverage. Verizon has free phone deals when you switch to attract new consumers.

However, understand that the offers are prone to revision. Regardless, these organizations wish to increase their consumer base.

You may now acquire phones such as the iPhone 13 Pro as well as Google Pixel 6 whenever you decide to switch, pick an exchange, and join in one of the qualified unlimited plans. Whenever you switch to Verizon, you will receive a phone at no cost with no exchange necessary. You only need to change or introduce an additional line, and you’re ready to start.

The following are among the present Verizon phones at no cost once you switch:

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Apple iPhone 11
  • Samsung galaxy A12
  • Samsung galaxy AO2s
  • Samsung galaxy S20

2. AT&T

After moving to AT&T, you can choose from a variety of high-end phones for no or reduced cost. For example, if you move from a trade-in smartphone that is qualified, you may save approximately $1000 on new Galaxy Z folds and iPhone 13 Pro.

Whenever you change, you can enjoy a discount of 50% on the Samsung A52 without the trade-in necessary. However, if you change, exchange in your device, and enroll in any qualified limitless plan, you would obtain the following cell Samsung S21 phones at no cost.

AT&T offers free phones;

  • iPhone 13
  • Samsung S21 5G
  • iPhone 13 Pro

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3. T-Mobile

T-Mobile provides multiple free phones whenever you switch. However, this is prone to revision. Nevertheless, in order to utilize the advantage of these offers, you should first establish a new call line using T-Mobile in an appropriate pricing plan.

You should take your device after a 2 years monthly charge, make all the relevant taxes paid when purchasing, and remain enrolled in the chosen plan.

The free phones that are listed below are accessible once you swap to T-Mobile:

  • Motorola moto g
  • Samsung galaxy 
  • LG aristo 5

4. Cricket Wireless

Are you fed up with your present phone? Would you wish to be upgraded? Switch to Cricket Wireless now and receive an iPhone, 5G, or Android phone at no cost. Nevertheless, each device has specific requirements that must be met before it may be obtained for free.

Here are some instances of cricket phones at no cost that you may get whenever you switch;

  • Cricket debut flip.
  • Samsung galaxy A12
  • Motorola moto G play
  • Cricket dream 5G
  • iPhone SE

5. Boost Mobile

When you move to Boost Mobile as well as satisfy their conditions, you could get a free iPhone or an Android smartphone. Nevertheless, these offers are only available for a short time but are only available while supplies last.

Once you change, you will receive the following boost phones at no cost:-

  • Samsung galaxy A32
  • iPhone SE
  • Moto G power

6. Metro by T-Mobile

Another phone operator that offers phones at no cost when you transfer is Metro PCS. You may get four free Samsung devices if you enter this contest. Alternatively, you may choose the second choice, which includes two free Samsung phones plus two tablets at no cost.

Nevertheless, you must switch or transfer a line from an authorized provider, activate the line on an acceptable plan, and choose your phone exclusively in-store. You may acquire phones at no cost, such as the Samsung Galaxy A12 as well as Galaxy Ao2s.

Tips & Guidelines for When You Switching a Phone Carrier

There are several aspects to evaluate before transferring your hard-earned cash from one provider to another. Admittedly, the very last step you want to do is select a provider that provides little value for money.

Regardless matter the amount you despise your present service provider, conducting some research might be really beneficial. The below are among the most important variables to consider while switching carriers:

1. Examine Their Geographical Coverage

Though your favorite provider might provide some fantastic pricing and excellent customer service, you should keep a watch on their outage map. For example, you should investigate if you would benefit from fast 4G LTE as well as 5G. Different providers tend to offer 3G as well as 2G networks in different sections of the nation.

Your desired provider ought to have a larger coverage area for best results. Assuming it has a 4G LTE connection, it ought to be available throughout the majority of the nation. Switch providers if your region of residency is well served by such a network.

Aside from that, Monitor your parent’s residence, your vacation cabin, your workplace, and the homes of your relatives to guarantee that you are never caught off guard in signal situations. Verify both internets as well as calling coverage. Moreover the connection speeds you would receive from your new provider.

You can verify the maps of such providers for more ideal outcomes by hitting the below links:

2. Examine Your Current Carrier’s Offers

Various carriers will very certainly have different deals for their customers. If you haven’t switched carriers before, you are likely to be spoiled for options. Most carriers often provide a wealth of enticements in order to capture your interest and entice you to test their services.

Aside from providing massive amounts of internet, you may also check out offerings like the accessory provided by your desired provider of choice.

You must also watch out for add-ons and any type of reduction that can help you save some dollars. Is the provider’s data utility restricted once you’ve surpassed the monthly usage limit? These are some of the key elements that will influence whether you select that provider or another. The more deals there are, the more likely it is that you will obtain good value for your money.

3. Determine the Costs Incurred

If you would like to move carriers, keep in mind that there may be some expenses involved. For example, if you’ve not concluded your existing agreement, you might need to do so before moving providers. As a result, you can verify to see whether there exist any extra fees, like Early Termination Fees (ETF). Should you need to bring a close relative with you, consider the fees associated and decide if it is worthwhile?

4. Understand the Processes Associated

There are several processes involved with changing providers. For example, you may need to unlock your phone or transfer all of your data to a different phone. All of these actions are critical since they will assist you to start on the new service.

To get the best results, stick with your previous strategy until the current one kick in. This will allow you to keep your current phone number. Furthermore, you ought to be permitted to transfer all of your previous contact information to the new provider.

Considering some of these tasks might take a lot of time, it is best to forgo changing carriers if you are having an upcoming event or heading for an appointment. This is due to the possibility that you might be compelled to purchase a new phone should your present handset is incompatible with the next provider.

AT&T, as well as T-Mobile, for example, often utilizes the GSM connection, where as Verizon, as well as Sprint phones, use CDMA connectivity. If you have an essential event or task to complete, the procedure of procuring a new phone might take a lot of time.

5. Seek Suggestions

As it concerns your favorite carrier’s cellular service and pricing, you must get advice from a relative or friend. There’s a good possibility they recognize someone that effectively switched providers and can provide you some advice.

Even better, they could have changed providers in previously and can tell you about their encounter with your chosen provider. This will provide you with the necessary insights as well as allow you to make an enlightened choice.

6. The Presence of a Competent Support Crew

As you use your current provider’s services, there is a potential that you will run into problems. Either its connectivity troubles or problems with the mobile phone plans available, you’ll run into a problem with the current provider at some point. Because you are unfamiliar with the new connection, you might feel powerless.

If you get yourself in this circumstance, the most crucial thing you can do is call the customer service team. This is why you need to select a provider which has a solid customer service staff. Aside from that, it should include ways to contact the customer care personnel.

There is a need for a simple means to reach the customer service personnel, either by a live conversation, contact information, or email, so that you can resolve your concern. Lastly, the customer service crew ought to be available around the clock that you may reach them at any moment.


When you switch phone carriers, many of them offer free phones. Many businesses provide fantastic names and styles of phones at no cost to new consumers. It is true, although, that these devices are not fully free. Alternatively, some providers need you to sign up for an approved plan until you can receive your phone at no cost. As a result, you sign an agreement that is chargeable if ended sooner.

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