How to Get a Free Phone When You Switch To AT&T

Anytime you switch on the TV, you are likely to see the advertisement for the free gadget when switching to wireless carriers. These promotions occur all year round, and they are a wonderful way to save on the latest flagships with different devices from the budget options.

At times, selecting the right phone service for your family isn’t an easy thing. However, getting a free smartphone at the same time can be a great perk. Free smartphones are a moving target; therefore, it is always good to check with the carriers for the latest offers.

If you are looking for a smartphone, you are likely aware of AT&T, which is one of the main types of internet service providers. The firm often runs promotional deals, making it easy to get a deal that seems appealing.

AT&T is among the biggest smartphone firms in the United States. Actually, it is among the biggest firms in the whole world. So you have probably heard of it. However, the major question is, does it provide a free phone when you switch?

The answer is yes. AT&T will offer various cell phones when you switch. This guide will walk you through how to get a free phone when you switch to AT&T. Let us dive deeply into everything you have to know.

Are AT&T Free Cell Phones Really Free

Anytime you get a free phone or a discounted phone, there will be a catch. Generally, a nicer phone will have a long and more expensive contact. So, ensure you be keen on the early termination charges and any other hidden costs since you’ll pay for that device somehow, even if it is sticking to a very costly phone contract for like 24 month period.

If you find yourself sticking with one provider for a certain duration and the monthly contract is not very low, then you can go for it. However, most people benefit from buying their device outright and then having the flexibility of switching providers if necessary.

If you have been loyal to one cellular carrier for some time now, you may think that switching is a tricky endeavor. For some years now, many industry providers operated with a strictly 2-year contract, and some of the customers found it almost permanently locked in. Nowadays, many carriers operate on a monthly basis, and it is easier to switch from one carrier to another.

Before switching carriers, you should first check the AT&T service map to ensure your surrounding area and your home are covered. You will also want to constantly consider various plans to find a good fit. Generally, it depends on two factors: how to use the cell phone and how to plan to use it in the near future. If you mainly use your phone for texting, calling, and other basic tasks, then a free cellphone from AT&T might just do more than enough.

How to Get a Free Phone When you Switch to AT&T

free phone when you switch to at&t

AT&T customers have taken advantage of the AT&T $650 credits that one gets after switching. Many customers choose to use the credit to purchase a new device which is the same as getting a free phone. For you to qualify for this offer, you will require a min of $70/mo eligible Service, and pay up to three instalments before the credit starts. Can You Keep a Phone Number When You Switch AT&T?

Some individuals do not like switching since they are worried about getting a new phone number. The good thing is that you can easily switch carriers without necessarily changing your phone number. It’s very easy to keep your phone number when you switch to AT&T.

Local number portability is a government mandate which needs wireless and landline service providers to allow customers to keep the eligible phone numbers while changing providers.

If you wish to keep your previous phone number, ensure you don’t cancel your current provider’s service until you have ported your device number to AT&T. There is no charge for transferring your number to AT&T. If you wish to switch to AT&T ensure your device is compatible with AT&T Wireless network.

AT&T Wireless Plans & Prices

Prepaid $30 each month Plan5 GB full speed of Data Per $30 with an upfront of $0.99
8GB 3 Month Data Plan 8 GB with full speed data Every 30 day refill$33 with an upfront of $0.99
$40 Monthly Plan15GB of full speed data$40 with an upfront of $0.99 fee
$65 Monthly PlanUnlimited data with 30 day refill$50 per month with $0.99 upfront fee
$75 Unlimited PlanUnlimited data with a 30 day refill$50 per month with $0.99 upfront fee
8 GB 12 Month plan8 GB of full speed data with 1 year refill$300 every month with an upfront fee of $0.99

Benefits of Switching to AT&T Network

Higher Data Caps

You may expect unlimited data plan to offer you unlimited data with high speed. However, that isn’t going to happen with any carrier. Almost every smartphone plan has data caps or what is called data deprioritization.

Basically, this implies that after using some data, your speed might be reduced. But, if you get an AT&T phone, you will enjoy unlimited extra data plans. Besides, you will also get a 50 GB and 100GB data cap. This makes the carrier the best in the industry.

Good 4G Download Speeds

AT&T has an average of about 28.9 Mbps download speed which is quite first. Let’s assume that your Instagram story is approximately 15 MB, which implies the story plays after waiting for like half a second.

Powerful 5G Network

The current AT&T customers report that AT&T has rolled out the 5G network worldwide. It is still not very wide, but it’s found in most metropolitan areas.

Why Do People Switching The Carriers

You won’t find any wrong answers when it comes to switching phone carriers. One of the very many reasons people switch to AT&T is to get better coverage in their area. Certainly, you do not want to waste your time switching to a phone carrier that does not come with better plans.

Maybe you wish to switch since you are paying a lot of funds for the current phone or because the network is very slow. This does not mean that you can’t switch to AT&T and get a free phone with better plans.

Bottom Line

If you’re an individual who is in need of the latest technology but does not have the cash to pay upfront for the phone, then switching to an AT&T carrier to get a free phone is very helpful. However, note that you should be eligible first before you can qualify for a free cell phone from AT&T.

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