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Since the strike of the coronavirus, many individuals are spending almost all of their time in homes. Even after doing their job, studies or business remotely, they still have a lot of free time for other meaningful stuff. One of the many ways to spend your free time is to learn new skills by enrolling in free online computer classes for seniors. The online classes will depend on what you are interested in because different institutions or organizations offer different free online courses. Here you will learn the best online classes for seniors in 2022. Now let’s dive in to see  the best ones you can take in.

9 Free Online Computer Classes for Seniors

1) Skillful Senior

Skillful Senior is a perfect free online computer class for seniors in 2022. It is an excellent option for anyone who wants to know or learn computers fast. Here on this platform, you will find it easy and quick to learn through tutorials that will help you learn the computer basics.

The major skills you will learn here are using the mouse and the keyword. You will do exercises like playing games while typing to perfect your typing skills. Even if you are an older person, you will be able to learn the essentials, and in the end, you will be able to do the basics things with your computers. You will even know how to connect to the internet, email, and many exciting things.

free online computer classes for seniors


CTDLC stands for Connecticut Distance Learning Consortiums. It is a platform you can use to learn basic computer skills online. Even if you are new to the computer, you will get the opportunity to learn simple or basic computing. The things emphasized on this platform are using a mouse, keyboard, working with files, software, and many other crucial things. You will also take some quizzes to test your understanding of your computer skills. If you have been looking for free online computer classes for seniors, this might be a good option for you to learn more about how to use a computer.

free online computer classes for seniors

3) Senior Guide to Computer

Senior guide to computer is one of the extensive courses you can take because it covers many crucial things about a computer. Interestingly, the course has been designed to illustrate the points or ideas using pictures, videos, examples, and many others.

The course has gone beyond the computer basics by providing you with a more profound topic like computer hardware, browsers, software, setting up a computer, backing up data, computer security, glossary of terms, and many other exciting computer topics.

free online computer classes for seniors

With this class at the end, you will be computer literate because you would have known a lot through the training. You can go to the official website and start learning at your own pace and become a guru in using computers even if you are an older person.

4) Meganga

One of the best free online computer classes for seniors in 2022 is Meganga. On this platform, you will get the opportunity to learn about computers and even Microsoft office. The mode of training used in this training is video-based, where people who are new to a computer will explore these topics efficiently. Also the training goes much further to introduce other essential topics like internet, emailing, troubleshooting and many others.

free online computer classes for seniors

The platform has more than one course where if you are interested, you can also take the other training. You can also take training on web design, basic computer functioning, photo editing. The good thing with this online platform is that it does not require you to register to take the training, but you can visit the official site of Meganga and take the training in the easier way possible.

5) Goodwill Community Foundation

It is another best online free computer class for seniors you can learning in 2022. The platform has more than 180 topics that you can learn about computers. You can enroll in the class that will help you learn and use essential programs, software, platform, and many others. Here you can take training for Microsoft office program, social media, emailing, image editing, how to begin a new career, animations, graphics, and many others. The training uses step by step guide mode to make sure both the intermediately and the senior can learn and grasp the idea quickly.

free online computer classes for seniors

6) Tech Boomers

Most seniors do not know when to use the internet, especially social media platforms; most seniors do not know. For seniors to be up to date nowadays, they have to be connected to these platforms. However, the major problem is that they do not know how to use these platforms. Because of these problems, platforms like tech boomer is existed to address the issues.

free online computer classes for seniors

Here the senior or beginners will make a tutorial based on their interest and venture into what seems intimidating. The platform has several tutorials that you can choose and start learning. Also, if you do not have much time, do not worry because the platform has also covered people of your category. If you do not have much time, you will take a crash course that will enable you to learn the crucial and essential information that will help you a lot.

7) Skilled up

Skilled up is one platform with many computer-related courses that you can take and learn online at your pace. Also, there are short and long courses that you can take on the platform there, for selecting the course will depend on your preferences and what you want to learn.

Here the long course is almost the same as the online college or university course, but the advantage you will get is that you will enjoy the classes free of charge. Some of the major classes you will get on this platform include web development, program design, compiler, big data, security, programming, artificial intelligence, hardware, and many others.

free online computer classes for seniors

Suppose you want to familiarize yourself with computers. In that case, the best way is to go for the instruction course through videos that will guide you step by step on using the computer and many other exciting topics about a computer.

8) Teach an Old Dog a New Trick

It is one of the best online classes for seniors in 2022. Here, you will learn the basic and essential stuff about the computer. The platform has much training, and others can take a few days for you to complete them. The mode of teaching used in this platform is a video base method where you will expect to follow the step-by-step guide on the instruction video as you grasp the knowledge. You can visit the official website to take the training and become a tech-savvy person.

free online computer classes for seniors

9) YouTube

YouTube is a great source to get instruction videos or even courses about computers. Rather than using YouTube for entertainment purposes, you can use it as your learning hub, where you can search for various courses or videos of your interest and learn a lot about computer skills and many other topics relating to computers.

free online computer classes for seniors

Benefits of Taking the Online Computer Classes for seniors

There are a lot of benefits that come with the free online computer class. Some of these benefits include;

  • You will be able to learn at your own pace.
  • No tuition fee is required what is required is your computer and internet connection.
  • Through the training, the seniors can adapt to the digital age; they can keep in touch with their family and accomplish other things faster than they would have not if they could be computer illiterate. The senior can socialize with others and avoid isolation because they do not know how to use the computer.

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Bottom Line

The above are some of the best online computer classes for seniors in 2022 that are pretty popular. Unlike in the past times, people only got their training in the training institutions. But nowadays, these bestial training can be found on various online platforms free of charge. Most of the seniors are internet or computer-friendly users; however, a small percentage of the seniors might require this training if they want to stay in contact with and adapt to this digital age. For these reasons then you will not have any excuse that you do not know anything about the computer because you can learn a lot online free of charge.

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