Top 10 Free Live TV Streaming Sites No Sign Up

To stream and watch live TV online, you are required to pay some kind of fee or subscription to the TV providers. Even with streaming sites, where many people are moving to, you may be required to sign in with TV providers.

So where are the free live TV streaming sites no sign up at?

This article brings to you 10 of the best streaming sites you can enjoy your TV without being asked to sign up for a TV provider subscription. Read on.

10 Best Free Live TV Streaming Sites No Sign Up

Free Live TV Streaming Sites

Do you know you can watch your favorite television shows without paying for cable? You’re in luck! There are now a variety of ways to stream television shows online, and many of them are completely free. Here are 10 of the best free live TV streaming sites now sign up;

1. Crackle


Crackle was launched way back in 2004 under the name Grouper and later to Crackle in 2007. You probably haven’t heard about it yet because it changed its name over the years before it settled to Crackle.

And if you heard about it, you probably heard that it is a movie streaming site. While that is true, you will be pleased to know that it also offers some of the best and the most popular TV shows and series.

Because Crackle sources these TV shows from other channels and streaming sites, not everything is free. There is a paid version that comes with premium features and more control.

The service supports Android phones and tablets, Android TVs, Chromecasts, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Samsung, Vizio, and LG smart TVs, and more, so you can just stream on your favorite device, anytime, anywhere. 


  • Movies
  • TV series
  • Original programming
  • Watch later feature
  • Parental controls
  • Captions
  • Has a free version
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Has a downloadable app
  • the free version comes with quality channels, multiple shows, and an array of movies and series
  • Only available in the US
  • Doesn’t support downloads

2. Hulu


Hulu is widely known for its wide variety of different movie genres, from horrors to documentaries, to anime, to action, and even kid’s shows. Apart from that, it also offers a good number of titles when it comes to TV shows and multiple live TV channels.

Like many services of its kind, especially on its level, you wouldn’t expect to stream shows and movies on Hulu for free. However, two of their three subscriptions come with a free one-month trial ‌you can take advantage of.

All you need to do is head over to their website, choose one of the two plans, and get started for free for a month. Your card will only be charged after the one-month trial is over. If you wouldn’t like to continue after this period, remember to cancel the subscription before you get charged.

You can stream on Android phones and Tables, Android TVs, Apple TV, Roku and Roku Stick, TiVo, Sony Samsung, LG TVs, and more.


  • You can stream two channels on two screens at the same time
  • supports downloads so you can watch your favorite movies and shows offline
  • A “My Stuff” feature that enables you to keep track f your shows, movies, and series
  • Staple enabling feature
  • A playback feature
  • An array of movies and shows
  • Different genres of content to watch
  • Quick updates on new episodes
  • Two screens included
  • Add up to 6 user
  • Only two screens are included. Could be more.
  • Add-ons could be expensive

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another one of the popular free live TV streaming sites no sign up that offers a wide range of options when it comes to live TV shows and channels. This includes at least 250 live channels and content that runs all day and night.

There will always be a price to pay for every service you use, and what you have to pay to watch Pluto TV’s free live streaming shows and channels is to sit through their ad and commercial intrusion, just as you would expect from any similar service.

Where you watch Pluto TV depends on your preference and convenience. This includes just about any device of your choice, including Android and iOS smartphones and Tablets via Pluto TV apps, as well as Samsung, LG, and Apple smart TVs.


  • Closed captioning
  • Web player
  • Picture quality
  • Apps available
  • Playback feature
  • Compatible with multiple devices including iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and more
  • Multiple genres including comedy, sports, kids, news, etc
  • Free Streaming
  • Few episodes of popular shows
  • Lots of ads
  • no big name popular channels such as NBC



USTVGo offers multiple live TV channels for free. It includes up to 80 channels, all for free. The only price you have to pay is to have a good internet connection. You may also need a VPN to take your security up a notch and protect your data from hackers.

The interface is fast and easy to navigate, the channel listings and program guides are well arranged, and it provides a great, hassle-free streaming experience. The best thing yet about the site is that ads are very well managed.

Accessing the site is pretty easy; no registrations are needed, and no sign-up requirements. Just go straight to the main site and get started. The only thing you might want to do is to make sure that your VPN is on.


  • Real-time streaming experience
  • Little to no ads
  • A two-day complete schedule for specific channels
  • playback screen
  • Program lineup
  • 100% free
  • Don’t need registration
  • Stream on any device or access it on any browser
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Hassle-free streaming
  • Great customer support including Telegram
  • Some channels won’t work without a VPN
  • Can’t stream on ROKU and devices that don’t support browsers
  • You won’t find popular on-demand content

5. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

BBC is one of the most popular channels, especially when it comes to news broadcasting. It is actually the National Broadcaster of the UK (British Broadcasting Television, BBC). It is also known for streaming multiple shows, documentaries, drama shows, and more.

As long as you are in the UK, you can watch all the BBC channels for free, anytime, anywhere. If you are not a United Kingdom resident; use a reliable VPN.

To watch on TV, just open the BBC iPlayer app and sign in. If you are using a phone, or a tablet, head over to the main site, confirm your account details with your email and password and start streaming.


  • Play and pause feature
  • Program information
  • Multiple display options
  • subtitle
  • Change location and language on the app
  • Download shows and programs
  • Watch shows and programs online
  • Download content
  • Completely free
  • Downloaded content have limited time before they disappear
  • Only available in the UK

6. TVPlayer


TVPlayer allows users to stream live on their phones or tablets through their TVPlayer application. The streaming service offers more than 80 TV channels, with only 29 out of these being premium channels. This means even if you don’t have a premium subscription, there are still plenty of channels for you to stream.

To get started, all you need to do is create an account. You can do this from their main website, online, or download their application on your mobile device or tablet. Set your password, login, and enjoy.

On a side note, the service is UK-based and might not be available in certain regions. But don’t fret just yet. You can easily access the site with a reliable VPN of your choice.


  • Supports multiple devices
  • An array of content
  • Available apps
  • Easy to navigate
  • Free to use
  • A wide variety of content to choose from
  • Watch line or on the app
  • More viewing choices
  • Poor picture quality
  • May be slow to load channels


Freetv, just like the name suggests, is another one of the best free live TV streaming sites no sign up services you can try out. It doesn’t host the channels on the platform. Rather, it curates free live TV streaming channels around the world and puts them together for its users.

All these channels are free and you wouldn’t find any premium subscriptions. You also don’t need to sign up for anything or create an account. You pay the price by sitting through some ads and commercials in between shows and programs.


  • Free to use
  • No registration
  • Downloadable apps
  • Wide range of news, sport, and entertainment
  • Easy to use
  • No registration
  • Multiple content options
  • Downloadable apps
  • Limited genres of content

8. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

Peacock TV comes with both free and paid versions. And while the premium subscription may offer a better experience in terms of the number of shows and the amount of content you get, the free version still serves its course, especially if you are not into sports, which are mostly available on the premium.

You can stream over 50 channels, all for free, showing different ‌content and TV shows. But even with the free version, you still must create an account to get access. Don’t worry about credit cards, as that is not a requirement if you don’t intend to upgrade to a premium just yet.

  • The free version has no strict limitations
  • Watch popular movies and shows
  • Use with multiple accounts
  • Few quality original
  • Many ads could annoy

9. PopcornFlix


With Popcornflix, you don’t have to worry about giving out your card details; the service is completely free. All you have to do is head over to the site, create an account (which could be from your computer or mobile device), and get started.

Since you don’t have to pay anything to stream, the sign-up process is fast and simple: just input your email, create a password, and you are ready. And that is if you want to sign up, as it is optional. It is also available on multiple platforms, so you shouldn’t have any problems accessing it.


  • You don’t have to create an account
  • Compatible with multiple devices including Amazon Fire TV, ROKU, and Xbox
  • Poplar TV shows and Movies
  • Easy to use interface
  • Fast sign-up process if you choose to sign up
  • An array of content to watch
  • Multiple independent film category
  • A great free version
  • Some movies are outdated
  • Commercial interraptions

10. Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV comes with both premium and free versions. If you want an elevated, ad-free experience, you might want to invest some money into the premium version. However, if you don’t mind a few ads and commercials along the way, then the free version works just as well.

You don’t have to worry about providing your credit card information, or any other delicate personal information, for that matter. Just download the app, provide a valid email address and create a password.

Don’t expect to find some new and popular titles when it comes to movies and TV shows. However, you are in for over 80 free live channels and an array of content to explore, including reality TV shows, comedy, drama, and more.


  • On-demand content
  • Good streaming quality
  • Great selection of channels
  • Free
  • Reliable streaming platforms
  • movie rentals available
  • The distribution of channels could confusing
  • Local channels and spots network are limited


There are just a lot of options when it comes to free live TV streaming sites no sign up services. All you have to do is seek through the available options, and find your best. And you don’t have to stick to one site, you can use multiple.

This article has given you 10 of the best ones to try out. You realize that most of them also come with a paid subscription, so you have a choice to upgrade your experience whenever you want to.

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