Get Free Laptop Giveaway For Students in 2022

You probably have heard about firms dealing with the supply of free laptops. It is true, and in most cases, you will not even spend a single cent to get one. Many have not believed this idea of a free laptop giveaway due to the number of scammers on the internet. But with the right channel, especial if you are a student, there are various ways that you can use or follow, and maybe be one of the beneficiaries of these giveaways.

Depending on the state you come from, you can get these giveaways from the federal government, non-profit organizations, laptop production firms, well-wishers, and many others. Therefore, this program is genuine, and its target is student whose families cannot secure laptops for their studies. In this post, you will learn three major things: what a free laptop giveaway is, where you can get the giveaway laptops, and its benefits. Now let’s explore one at a time, shall we?

How Does Laptop Giveaway Work?

Unless you demonstrate what it means, explaining a free laptop giveaway to anyone is the hardest thing. Though the concept has been there for a long time, scammers have used this to collect people’s personal information or con them. But the best way to illustrate this concept is the process whereby a person can get a laptop free of charge from the organization or from the person giving it away for free.

There are many platforms to search for free laptop giveaways that are genuine, and once you apply and meet the selection criteria, you will stand a chance to win the laptop that you will own without spending your own money. There are other options whereby you have spent your money to get the free laptop. For example, you can find an organization that gives a computer free of charge once you buy one. It does not pose any problem because you will have to go for the free option if you cannot raise any money.

How to Get Free laptop Giveaway for Students

You can go to many platforms and look for free laptop giveaways. Some of them will give you a laptop without doing anything, but you will have to do something for an exchange. In this section, you will explore both the one that gives you free of charge and those you will get in exchange for something. Not let’s look at these ways.

1) Through Tech Companies

Many companies give away laptops for students. The good thing with these tech companies is that you can get or win the laptop directly from the company. Some of the major brands that give away laptops include Microsoft, Apple, Dell, and many others. These major tech companies do not conduct these giveaways, as you could see on the survey site where you have to provide your personal information and then answer a series of yes or no questions. These companies do that once in a while, they have a contest, and when you enter the contest, if you are lucky, you will get or win the laptop free of charge.

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Some other tech companies have special programs whereby at a given point, they launch a program where they provide free laptops to those who want to join colleges, but they are not in a position to acquire a laptop. Therefore you should always look at their official website so that whenever they launch a program like this, you would sign in and stand the chance of getting a free laptop giveaway. For example, Microsoft has a program called Microsoft Sweepstakes, where you can get free laptop giveaways.

2) Giveaway Promote

There are many rewarding platforms where you can get a free laptop after registering with them and do a simple task for them. The task may also vary from one platform to the other; however, they are just simple tasks that you can do, and upon finishing the task, you can stand the chance of getting a free laptop.

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You probably have seen these ads that pop-ups on your screed then promise you something that you could win if you give your email or zip code, then answer a few questionnaires, and once you accomplish the task, you are awarded the prize. Remember, most scammers use this method to scam people, so be careful not to fall into the wrong hands. Despite many scammers on this method, many legitimate platforms offer free laptop giveaways.

3) Free Laptop From the Government

In most states, you will also find that the federal government has a program to help you get or win a laptop. It is a very organized program whereby there is a specific requirement that you have to meet before you are awarded a free laptop. As a student, you must come from a humble background, and also, you must present evidence that you are in school or you have the admission letter. Once you meet the requirement, you will get a laptop free of charge. If you what to enroll yourself in this program, you can use the official website for these programs and apply. You can use the two links and apply; and

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4) From Social media

Some social media platforms have programs to win prizes, such as laptops. Remember, as a rule of thumb, before entering into the giveaways, make sure the company behind it is legitimate. Tech companies or those who sell the tech items always give a prize like a laptop. For example, you can visit Twitter and search using the keyword #laptopgiveaway, and you will see the result; if there is an active giveaway, you will be able to follow, and if you are lucky, you can win a free laptop.

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5) Through the University or College

When universities admit new students, they give students free laptops that they will be using in their studies. It is a program that helps students a lot because even others cannot afford the tuition fees. Therefore, you can check if the university you want to study in has this program or not. Note that not only does the physical university offer these free laptops, but most of the colleges that offer most of their course online have this program.

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However, to qualify for one, you have to attend the university and meet other requirements to be given the laptop. Some of the universities with these programs include Rochester College, Independence University, Chatham University, etc. If the university you are about to be admitted to does not have this program, you will have to consider the other methods to get the free laptop.

6) Through the Non-profit Organization

It is one of the best options that you can use to get free laptop giveaways. Different organizations specifically provide free laptops for needy students. You have to register with them and then give the proof that you need the assistance, and without putting even your single coin, you will be awarded a free laptop once you qualify. Here is what you will be required to do: visit the organization’s official website, access the application form, and apply. Some of these organizations include; computers with causes, charities, and many others.

How to Avoid Scammers When Getting a Free Laptop Giveaway?

One of the biggest challenge in free laptop giveaways is scammers. As such, before applying or joining any contest or program:

  1. Ensure that you are dealing with a legitimate company.
  2. Read the terms and conditions before you apply.
  3. Do not share sensitive information unless you are sure the company you are dealing with is legit.

You can rely on customer reviews or check the site with a website like trust pilot before you apply.


Bottom Line

You can get a fee laptop giveaway through various ways. There is a site where you will have to complete a small task to stand a chance to win the laptop, but there are others; once you join, if you are lucky, you will get the laptop free of charge. If you buy a given commodity from their company, you win a free laptop as an offer. You can also join a program meant for the student to get help in acquiring a laptop. Hopeful the article has been informative and educative to you.

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