How To Get Free iPad For Students At 2022

How to get a free iPad for students? An iPad helps people in several ways. It isn’t like basic phones, but rather a device with great features, making it an expensive gadget. And since the cost of living nowadays has skyrocketed with everything being expensive, affording a smartphone is like an iPad isn’t easy at all. And this is even more unachievable for the students.

Since the Covid 19 pandemic strike, the demand for iPad for students has increased tremendously because most of them are now doing everything online. But this becomes impossible without a good smartphone like an iPad.

Many organizations or programs are now providing a helping hand to needy students by offering a free iPad. In this post, you will learn how to get a free iPad for students.

Are free iPads for Students Really free!

It depends the iPad can be free or not. The students who receive iPads donations from other organizations get the iPad free of charge from the school. However, it indeed isn’t free for the schools that purchase and give the iPad to the students.

In this case, you will be given an iPad, but you have to pay a small amount each year through your school fees. However, once you finish school, the iPad will be your property. Therefore before you accept any deal, you have to check carefully the terms and conditions that govern the program so that you may not end up paying an added cost that might inconvenience you.

free ipad for students

8 Best Ways to Get Free iPad for Students

Apple’s iPad is the most known tablet offered free by many programs. Since the device isn’t that cheap, some students might be unable to afford one. That’s why there are programs that offer completely free iPad to the students. Here are ways to get a free iPad for students;

1) Through your School

There is a program called Connected, where most schools are partners or members. Once your school participates in this program, Apple will donate iPads to that school to help students aid their learning. Therefore if you need an iPad as a student, you can get one provided your school participates in the Connected program.

To know if your school participates in this program, you can check online through: On this page, just scroll down to see the list of schools in the program and confirm if your school is there.

2) US Department of Veteran Affairs

If you are a US military veteran, you may stand a chance of getting an iPad. The veteran Affairs department has also collaborated with Apple to provide iPad to veterans and ensure they access the benefits of being connected.

If you do not have a computer, tablet, or phone, you can contact the veteran affairs health care team in your area and check your eligibility, and if you qualify, you will get one.

3) Mobiles Sign up for Deals

Another method you can use to get a free iPad for the student is the mobile signup deals. Most mobile phone companies lure new customers by giving them free products.

Though you will often find deals for Android and iPhones tablets, you will occasionally come across iPads for free or at a discount. You will fill in the application form or register with them so that you can redeem the offer they give you.

4) Trade-in with other Apple products

Another way to get the iPad for students is using the other Apple products you have. If you have Apple products and rarely use them, you can trade in to get the iPad. However, it will depend on the number of products you are trading with. Once you trade your Apple product, you will get a credit that can be over $500, and use it to get a good iPad.

To do so, you will have to visit the trade-in section on the Apple official website at:

5) Through Federal Government Lifeline Program

Also, one of the best ways to secure a free iPad for students is through the federal government Lifeline program. But, you must provide supporting proof that you are from a needy family and can’t afford an iPad for studying purposes. The three main requirements that you have to meet are:

  • Your household income should be equal to or below the federal poverty guideline rule, which is 135%.
  • One member of your household must participate in any of these social assistance programs.
  • Also, there should not be any member of your family that is an active beneficiary of the lifeline program.

The government has partnered with different internet services and mobile phone operators in the lifeline support program to offer smartphones to students free of charge, and among them is an iPad.

Therefore the kind of iPad or tablet you will get will depend on the provider you will select and what you will indicate as your preferable model or brand. If you meet the above requirement, then you can visit to make the application. Also, ensure you choose the provider to get an iPad from.

6) Charitable Organization

Several non-profit organizations also help students in the community to make sure they effectively get a quality education with the help of an iPad. To simplify the application task, you can check in your local communities the charitable organization available.

If there is no charitable organization in your locality, you can still apply from a national or international charitable organization. Some of the charitable organization that you can apply for the iPad for the students includes:

  • Computer aid
  • Free geek
  • Human It
  • Bridging tech
  • With causes
  • EveryoneOn
  • National Cristina Foundation and many others.

7) Giveaways and Raffles

Some organizations, especially the retail ones, usually have giveaways to attract new customers or gift their existing customers. You should search or stay alert, and immediately you hear a free iPad being given, you may apply right away.

8) Manufacturer or Vendor

Another way that you can use to get free iPads for students is through the vendors or the manufacturer. Here is what you are going to do, you will have to write a request for the iPad and provide them with the evidence that you do not have one. You could use this as your last option if the above methods do not work for you.

How to Apply for free iPad for Students

There are many ways you can use to get a free iPad, you need to make sure that you use the right channel to make the application. If you have decided to go with the charitable company, use their official website to make the application. If you use a third party, make sure that they are genuine because there are a lot of scammers all over the internet whose motive is to collect your information.

In most cases, you will have to prove that you are a needy person and need some help in both ways. Therefore before applying to any, you can prepare proof of documentation showing you are coming from a family that is not financially stable. Others will also want to verify your identity; therefore, having your identity documentation like a citizenship card and many others will be helpful.

If you cannot access the documentation required in the application process, you can request a letter from your school, which can help you. Note that, at some point, you may be required to provide an admission letter from your school.

Why Students Needs an iPad

These are iPads that are offered completely free, and they have remarkable features to help students for studying. Other organizations or programs offer special iPad for students with visual or deaf impairments.

In some states, the federal government has developed the initiative of providing the schools that need to support their student with gadgets to have equal opportunity to learn as the other student from high-income families.

The main aim of these gadgets is to facilitate learning for students. They can use the iPad to do the following;

  • Do research
  • Accessing their school student portal
  • Other comes with special apps that help them access academic resources free of charge.
  • Can use them for distance learning
  • Doing representation
  • Notes taking
  • Reading notes or listening to audiobooks or lecture podcasts
  • Accessing learning apps
  • Capturing photos and videos, especial when they are in the labs doing experiments
  • Taking tests and exercise
  • Virtual experience and many other functionalities.

Who Is Responsible for The Maintenance of Free iPad And What To Do When Stolen!

When you get the free iPad through your school, then the maintenance of the iPad will be upon the institutions. Once you receive an iPad from the school, the institution might still be the owner or you. In either case, the iPad comes with repair plans, warranties, and tech support. Some tech teams would visit the school and offer maintenance services free of charge.

However, if the gadget gets damaged because of your negligence, lost it, or got some defects, you may be held responsible.

In case of theft, you have to work closely with the school. They can file a case with the police department. Other schools have a replacement plan where if an incident like that happens, they will offer you another iPad.

In some schools, you will have to return the iPad when you finish schooling or drop out. You can also request a replacement for the iPad you got through the lifeline program, but it can take around three months before you get another iPad. You are responsible for the maintenance if you got the iPad using other ways like giveaways or charitable companies. And if you lose the iPad, it will be hard for you to get a replacement.


In a nutshell, you have seen the various ways that you can use to get a free iPad. The methods above are sure ways any student can use to get an iPad. Once you apply, just sit back and watch for your application to go through.

There are many scammers these days, but the methods are very sure. Most scammers are luring people to give away iPad, but they have the motive of collecting crucial information. To avoid these issues, stick to the genuine methods above and try your luck. Hopeful you have learned something about how to get the free iPad. Good luck as you apply for your iPad!

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