Best Free Grants for Women to Starting a Business

Women play an essential role in everyone’s life. They are the ones who bring new life to this world. That is why we must invest and empower women to be themselves.

Nowadays, women are often discriminated against when it comes to business, saying they cannot handle such things for various reasons such as their race, social classification, and physical disabilities. However, according to recent studies, women-owned businesses have been emerging since then and continually growing. Therefore, women are now being recognized in the business industry.

In this article, we will be discussing how to acquire free grants for all kinds of women in a complete guide.

Suppose you want to know-how. Just keep on reading.

Small Business Grants for Women

free grants for women

Women differ in physical abilities and personalities; thus, here’s the list of the five (5) free grants for women who want to start their small businesses.

1. The Amber Grant

Amber Grant was founded in 1988 by WomensNet. This organization is hailed as the first online organization to help women start their businesses by providing grants. The grants are usually ranging from $10,000 monthly to $25,000 annually. Any female, either young or old entrepreneur, can apply to the Amber Grant.

2. (Federal Grants for Women)

The federal government is supervising this grant organization. The’s website has a complete list of available grants supported and funded by the government. This website is beneficial for any business owned by women. To be eligible for this grant, you will need to create a workspace account on the website. Ensure first that you’ll meet the required criteria before continuing the application process.

3. IFundWomen Grants fo Women

This private granting organization offers a universal application and grant from different women-owned small businesses. The IFundWomen by proposing an application and the IFundWomen will help you find a company partner to provide you with assistance given that you meet their criteria upon application.

4. Women’s and Small Business Development Center

These two development centers are being supported by the SBA, which can be available to any country. The women’s and small business development center has free business seminars that help small entrepreneurs develop a strong and financially ready business. They also teach you how to maintain your business growth by researching and marketing strategies. This state grant organization supports women, especially those in the minority.

5. Cartier Women’s Initiative

This private granting organization focuses on supporting starting women-owned businesses. You can acquire their grants through an award system. Small businesses to be awarded are carefully picked. Suppose your business is focused on the developmental issues circulating in the economic, social, and environment. In that case, you have a chance to be one of the Cartier Women’s Initiative grant awardees.

They award three (3) grants to every women small business worldwide.

Grants for African American (Black) Women

free grants for women

Our race and ethnicity should not hinder our entrepreneurial dreams. Often, black women are being discriminated against regarding their color, which leads to them not receiving equal rights and treatment when it comes to business. Still, there are a lot of significant black women who successfully reigned and made a name in the business industry.

Here are five (5) grants for black women;

1. Girlboss Foundation

This private granting foundation fully supports and assists black and any race of women-owned business. Aside from their foundation’s financial aid and assistance, the Girlboss Foundation helps women give them insightful knowledge about running a business and provides counseling and advice to the starting women entrepreneurs.

2. Black Women’s Fund

All Black women who are in the line of starting their own business and organizations advocating for various significant social issues are welcomed by this charitable funding organization called Black Women’s Fund. They usually assist black women in supporting them in their business and other entrepreneurial ideas.

3. Halstead Grant

Diamonds and jewelry are every girl’s best friend; thus, the Halstead grant is here to support and fund your small jewelry business. This funding grant gives away $7,500 cash aid and a thousand US dollars jewelry supplies.

4. New Voices Funding

Businesses founded by the black women society are the primary beneficiaries of the new voices fund organization. This funding organization was founded by the owner of the SheaMoisture products named Richelieu Dennis, and this fund granting organization provides a hundred million US dollars. They aim to create and give way to starting women entrepreneurs to continue the growth and success of their dream business.

5. We The Culture

Together with Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Facebook Meta are helping the We The Culture organization assist black women’s businesses. We The Culture fund granting organization’s beneficiaries can enjoy business content budget and resources funding awarded by the pioneering black society.

Business Grants for Disabled Women

free grants for women

Being physically or mentally incapacitated should not inhibit the entrepreneurial mind in you. That is why there are a lot of various nonprofit and governmental organizations that pledge to support disabled women who want to stand on their own to start their businesses.

Here are five (5) grants for disabled;

1. Eaton Trust Grant

This funding organization focuses on giving assistance and support to women suffering from disabilities due to unpredicted accidents.

2. Feminist Trust

This organization gives financial assistance and funding to disabled women in the United Kingdom. They funded various projects such as start-up businesses and training for disabled girls and women.

3. Weatherization Program

The United States Department of Energy offers this federal funding grant. This grant aims to finance and assist disabled women with low wages. They help people in the minorities, especially disabled women. Meeting the criteria and passing the application can amount to a $6,500 grant annually.

4. Capital Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities

This federal funding grant is open to all women with disabilities. Usually, they pick individuals to be awarded this grant in areas where transportation is not available. The United States Department of Transportation funds this grant to help persons with disabilities.

5. ABILIS Foundation

This foundation assists the funding of various organizations supervised by people with disabilities. The main goal of the ABILIS Foundation is to help enhance the lives of people with disabilities, especially women, to believe in their capacity. The ABILIS foundation also advocates for the rights of people with disabilities.

Business Grants for Single Mothers

free grants for women

Raising a child is not an easy task. That is why we are proud of all the single mothers surviving the daily challenges of their lives with their children.

To help the single mothers, here are five (5) grants for single moms;

1. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

To help all the single mothers, the federal funding grant organization called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families by the United States Department of Health and Human Services offers financial assistance that caters to single and low wage earner mothers.

2. DCA (Diversion Cash Assistance)

This financial help offers the single mothers an emergency fund in case of unforeseen and unexpected happenings in their life. Eligible single mothers are expected to receive a grant amounting to $1,000, depending on the emergency that may emerge.

3. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)

This organization’s primary goal is to give meals to low-income families and single mothers. This movement aims to fight malnutrition in the United States’ children and keep their healthy lifestyle.

4. Federal Government Educational Opportunity

Single mothers are also given a chance to study and have a promising future. Thus, this governmental organization offers financial support to single mothers planning on continuing their studies. The Federal Supplemental Government Educational Opportunity usually grants $100 to $4,000 annually. The Federal Government Educational Opportunity.

It will still depend on your school’s financial need and what program you plan to attend.

5. Housing Vouchers

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development plans the House Choice grant offers housing for the minimum wage single mothers earn from private housing and buildings.


Women are the most significant individuals globally, and we need to help them achieve more incredible things in life. Empowered women believe in themselves and know that they can do anything even if people hinder them because of their color, disabilities, and social status. We should support women in what they want, and we must honor their bravery in this time when the patriarchal system often suppresses women.

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