How To Get a Free Government Smartphone 2022

The federal government introduced free government smartphones to enable low-income households who cannot buy the phone to get one for free and communicate easily. Since there are many low-income people, the government has started to enroll in cheap plans and free smartphones.

If you are looking at how to get free government smartphones, then you’ve come to the right place.

First, you must qualify to be able to get a government assistant. The main rule used to select those eligible for the program is the federal poverty rule, where the household must have to meet the mm135% poverty guidelines.

Remember, in one household, only one member can enroll to get the assistant. For instance, if you are 4 in your household, only one person will get the assistance, and once you enroll in the program, you cannot transfer to anyone else. But if you withdraw from using the assistance, your account can be given to someone else.

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How To Get a Free Government Smartphone for Low-income

The United States federal government has partnered with many mobile carriers to provide a lifetime program to those who can’t afford to buy a smartphone. This program allows people who want to communicate with others but can’t afford to enroll and get assistance.

Here even students can apply to get assistance. If you want to enroll, you will have to fill out a form, and if you are eligible, you can get an accessible computer, tablet, or a Smartphone.

There are also non-profit organizations that are partnered with the government that offers free smartphones. However, some of these organizations do not have strict measures that you have to meet to qualify for the free device. If you did not meet the government criteria and are a needy person, you can apply.

To qualify for a free government smartphone, you need to have been a beneficiary of another assistant program or meet the household income poverty level rule. Once you think you are eligible, you can visit your state-relevant website and apply.

However, the eligibility rules might vary from one state to another, and others might have additional requirements. Remember, there are some dates where the government launches the program every year, and they are free new devices that come in these events. Once your application goes through, you will get the free device, and it can be sent to the address you provided during the application.

Check your Eligibility for free Government Phone

You can use the National verifier application. With this system, you can check the eligibility or recertification to the lifeline program. Once you qualify for the free government smartphone, you can check your nearest service provider partnered with the government in this program and fill out the application to get one.

How to Get Free Government Cell Phone with EBB Program

This is (EBB) one of the newest programs that aid in getting a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are stuck because you are jobless due to the Covid 19 pandemic, this program will be of much help to get a free device.

Due to this, the program was started to offer free or cheap communication plans to support families or individuals who could not afford to purchase internet service during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since most people are forced to work at home, there is the need to have a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection.

Based on your location, you can get a package of the internet that ranges from $50 to $100 per month. Therefore, you can enroll in this ebb program and enjoy the internet services. To enroll, you will have to visit the FCC website to access the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program and apply.

Even if you are already enrolled in the lifeline program, you can also get additional help through this program. The requirement is also similar to the lifeline program.

The Best Government Phone Companies

Many service providers partner with the government to offer free devices and other free or affordable communication plans. Some of these service providers include;

Qlink wireless is one of the best service providers that offers free government devices through the lifeline program. With this provider, you will get a qlink wireless phone for free and enjoy free unlimited communication services like texting, talking, and also data. You can also bring your device or number to the program to enjoy the services.

2) Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is also another provider that offers free government smartphones and other devices free of charge. It has a free plan that you can utilize with the free device like free internet connection and minutes.

3) Assist Wireless

You can get a free government smartphone with the lifeline program via the assist wireless. Apart from the free devices, you can also get a free plan for the internet, SMS, and minutes for talk.

4) Cintex Wireless

With Cintex wireless, once you are an eligible individual to the lifeline program, you can get a free iPhone from Cintex wireless that comes with an unlimited free-of-charge plan. You will have unlimited SMS, call and 4.5 GB of internet data. If you are eligible, you can apply through their official website.

5) Life Wireless

You can select Life Wireless as your service provider if you are eligible for the lifeline program. Here you will get free government smartphones and other free monthly plans for SMS, call, and internet data of 30GB.

Safelink wireless is the oldest provider offering free devices and free or cheap plans to the applicants in the lifeline program. If you are qualified, then you can get started through their website.

No-profit Free Cell Phone Organizations

If you are not eligible for the free government smartphones, the other option you can use is the non-profit organization that provides free devices and plans. Some of these organizations do not have a strict requirement, but you will automatically have one as long as you prove that you are a needy person. Some of these organization includes;

1) Computer for learning

It is an organization that gives free devices like computers and tablets to the needy to facilitate their learning. However, their devices are refurbished, not brand new ones.

2) Adaptive.Org

Adaptive.Org is another organization that helps students who cannot afford a computer or tablet. The organization also helps senior civilians and disabled people.

3) Freecycle

It is an organization that recycles the devices and then gives them to eligible people. If you need a person, you can make the application for the free device, and you can get one.

4) Smartriverside

It also offers free laptops and tablets with the federal government’s help. It also collaborates with other private organizations and offers free gadgets to eligible civilians. The criteria used to depend on the state you are coming from.

What to Do If Not Eligible for Government lifeline program & Non-profit Organization Smartphones?

If you are not eligible for the two programs, then there are other options that you can use. There is another service provider that provides free devices like assurance wireless. You can approach the company or visit their website and apply there.

If you are a student, you can use your parent or religious leader, and your application might succeed. Remember, these providers have cheaper devices that you can buy and stay connected to.

Benefits of Government Lifeline Program

Understanding the feature or benefits of any program before you enroll is ideal. With the lifeline program, free government smartphones are offered there, and you get other benefits too. The program has put in place a plan to continue supporting the program’s beneficiaries. With the program, you will enjoy both the direct and indirect benefits.

First, you can get a free government smartphone that will not cost you a single cent and enjoy zero or discounted wireless services. For the indirect benefits, you will have an easy application process, no hidden fee, no contracts, and freedom to work with a provider of your choice, free unlimited plans, and many others.

Bottom line

The United States federal government has established a program that helps low-income individuals or households get free government smartphones and other communication plans.

With this program and other programs like emergence broadband benefit, you can enjoy many communication services free of charge. Remember, you must meet the eligibility criteria to get a free device or free plans in your state.

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