How To Get Free Government Laptops for Low income Families

Not everyone can afford a laptop. This is especially true for those who earn a low income and find it quite challenging to afford a computer since they aren’t financially capable. Fortunately, the government has come to their aid as it’s now helping low-income families to obtain a computer.

This way, studying and working becomes quite easy since remote job strategy because of covid-19. Recently, studying online and working from home is very normal. Nowadays, most organizations now work together with the government to electronic devices like, cell phone, tablet and laptop offer low-income families laptops for education and work purposes.

Since the nonprofit firms work hand in hand with the Federal Government, many people are now able to get at least a laptop in their family. On the contrary, getting the best place where you can find this offer isn’t that easy. Let alone applying.

Before you apply for a free laptop, you must meet the eligibility criteria. If you qualify, you may get the laptop in a few days without a hassle. But, where do you get free government laptop for low-income families? Keep reading to find out!

Requirements To Apply For A Government Laptop

First, free government grants don’t apply to each person. The government has set aside some essential criteria and eligibility sections that any applicant needs to fulfill. If you’re among the low-income people and require a free laptop or computer from the government, then ensure you check the eligibility requirements.

It doesn’t matter what you get from the government, be it a laptop or other things, and you must be eligible first.

free government laptops for low income families

Here are the things you should meet before you can get a free laptop from the government:

  • You must be a US citizen
  • You should have valid proof of an ID
  • You should have valid proof of your address
  • Provide documents that can prove your income statuses, such as salary slips, tax returns and many more.

After filling out the application form and you are found to be eligible, you’ll get a laptop in a few days. These days, laptops come in handy. Many people now are just staying at home and working online. As such, a laptop is of much importance.

You must fill out the low-income application form with your correct information to get a free laptop. You’ll give the documents needed as proof. Know that there is high competition because many people are applying too, but the laptops are few. As such, you shouldn’t make any mistake if you wish to receive a free government computer. 

Apply to Get Free Government Laptops for Low-Income Families

It is very simple to apply for free government laptops for low-income families. Here is the process to achieve that:

Step 1: Select the Service Provider

Many providers are offering free government laptops across the United States. Ensure you choose the service provider found in your home area. Besides, you must select the provider with good reviews from individuals who have already used the program.

Step 2: Check if you qualify

If you have a good income that can make you afford a computer, you might not get a free computer. Of course, the service provider will conduct a background check to confirm if you qualify. 

Step 3: Fill out your application form

If the requirements are met, the next step will be to fill out the application form. This can be done at the offices of the organization or online. Mainly the form requires info like the education background, name, SSN and many more. You should also attach the documents that can prove your eligibility.

Step 4: Get your laptop

After the procedure is done, you will be notified by the organization whether you are qualified or not. If you get qualified, your laptop is shipped to your location or at the organization’s office.

Where to Get The Free Government Laptop

1. Freecycle

This is an online platform where you may get a free government laptop if you are a low-income household. The Freecycle provides recycled items for use and is found in every location. If you encounter any financial crisis, you can fill out a form and search for this forum online.

Besides, you may also look for people and ask them to give out their PCs if they aren’t using them. Then people may find the laptops at Freecycle.

This is also a volunteer and a nonprofit organization. If you visit the site, you may check the types of things you want, including computers. All the goods for giving away are properly classified on the Freecycle site.

2. PCs for People

This is a non-government organization that started in 1998 and has continued to grow ever since. Just like other organizations, PCs for People have strict eligibility criteria, and after you fulfill them, you can apply for this assistance program.

Any applicant willing to apply for the free laptop from PCs for People should have a poverty level of 200% or below it. Besides, he should have a disabled family member or work with social welfare organizations.

3. EveryoneOn

It is available in about fifty states and is only for families that get a yearly income of less than $35,000. You can get a refurbished computer at a low cost or even get a new one. The good thing is that you may get a cheaper internet facility using this program.

4. Free Laptop With CausesĀ 

You may also get a free government laptop for low-income families using WithCauses. So, if you are in dire need of a computer but have no funds, then you can get a free laptop using WithCauses program. It provides refurbished laptops and computers for anyone who has applied.

What is the purpose of a free laptop

Two decades ago, owning a laptop or any type of computer was considered a luxury. But today, the computer is the most basic necessity you could ever own. In fact, as per the research, about 94% of American households owns at least one laptop.

Computers were only home using device for rich families in the past, but not now since the laptops are more affordable. Even those who do not have much money can obtain one. Nevertheless, those poor people and families are left behind still. Fortunately, some government programs, nonprofit organizations, and charities provide laptops for low-income individuals who require low prices or even entirely free.

Now, why US government think it important for individuals to get a laptop? Well, we have many reasons why individuals wish and require at least one laptop. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Allows low-income individuals to stay in touch with their loved ones.
  • Helps low-income individuals to look for information.
  • Obtaining a free computer allows low-income individuals to access virtual classes and get an education.
  • Assist low-income individuals to work well.
  • Help low-income individuals to look for new job opportunities that arise.

How to Avoid free Laptop Scams? Tips That Can Help

  • Make sure you have gone through the reviews and confirm with the sites lick Trust Pilot or Better Business Bureau before applying.
  • Do not share your social security number no matter what they tell you. This can cause you more than you could ever imagine. Social security number is not required when applying for a free laptop.
  • Do not provide your birth date unless you’re sure it is a legit site.
  • Do not share passwords.
  • Understand well the terms and conditions before applying.

Bottom Line

If you want to apply for a free laptop, it’s quite obvious that you’ll require to fill some forms with the correct details and information. In addition, the application goes through many checks to confirm the eligibility. It’s worth noting that there’s a huge competition meaning that the laptops are limited for everyone who applies.

But if you can’t qualify for free laptops for low-income families, then you may try out other ways like NGOs, organizations or charities also a good way to get a free laptop. Hopefully, this guide has helped you know ways to get a free laptop without necessarily spending a dime. You can enjoy all of your favorite shows on the internet as well as keep tabs on your school and work.

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