How To Get Free Computer for Disabled Adults

Free laptop programs is an essential effort that can empower disabled people in many ways. A computer makes the disabled individuals to have as sense of independence and a positive feeling towards themselves.

Various organizations, foundations, state and federal governments are trying to offer free computers for the disabled. If you’re handicapped and in need of a free laptop, learn how to get it through this post since the ways discussed here are your key to getting one.

13 Best Ways Get a Free Computer for Disabled

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Few ways to get a free computer for disabled adults. One way is to check with local charities or non-profit organizations that offer free computers for low-income. Finally, you can also check with companies like Amazon, Dell, and Microsoft that specialize in providing free computer equipment for those with disabilities.

1. Through Government Grants

The very first place you can get a free computer for the disabled is the Ministry of Health Services in the US. This agency provides a variety of awards and support to disabled people. The taxpayers in the United States pay revenue for the benefit of society. If disabled individuals cannot thrive in this nation, there will be no equilibrium in the country.

Certain awards require no payment and provide a free computer, whereas others require you to submit an application or a fraction of the computer’s worth. If you are unfamiliar with either of these incentives and want to learn more about them, you must schedule a meeting with a Health Service social worker.

How to Get It

You can describe your scenario and the problems you’re having, as well as a quick description of how the laptop will assist you in this case. Also, you must provide documents such as identity proof, a doctor’s report, and proof of income.

2. Computers4kids Program 

This private organization provides disabled people with free desktops and laptops. You may even get a free MacBook if you describe yourself well and the challenges you face, and ways the computer can help you in return.

This program has a variety of branches around the United States, and most of them operate regionally. So, if you want free computers for disabled people, look for a local Computers4Kids location and see if you meet the eligibility standards. The defendant complaint petition is also accessible on the internet.

3. Free Computer from the Beaumont Foundation of America

The Beaumont Organization assists people throughout the United States obtain financial assistance for innovation needs like laptops. The best thing is that the company gives free computers for the disabled. If you are a disabled person and wish to own a computer for various purposes, you can get yourself one from the Beaumont Foundation.

4. Free Computer from Computer Recycling Center

If you do not bother receiving a reconditioned computer for free, then Computer Recycling Center offers the best alternative for you. The company gives away refurbished laptops and PCs to disabled people. This agency is collaborating with participants on a local level. You will need to meet with the volunteers at the offices and ask for their assistance.

CRC is based in California; however, they work across the United States, for which you may be charged a shipping cost. Go to CRC’s main website to learn about the qualified applicants’ eligibility for more details.

5. Computer Accommodations Program (CAP)

Computers are groundbreaking pieces of technology. If you have limited earnings or are disabled, the CAP can help you financially. You will be provided with all of the necessary supplies for home PCs and any required technological equipment. CAP is primarily concerned with the needs of those who are handicapped.

It moreover assists IT workers in maintaining their work performance. If you want to get a free computer for disabled individuals, you can use CAP agency.

6. Through

It is a U. S. Ministry of Labor official website. If you are impaired, you will be able to obtain useful and relevant electronic materials, including a computer. You can seek assistance if you require any technological equipment for schoolwork. Disabled people can benefit from the agency as it has all public funds mainly for helping the handicapped.

How to get it

To apply for a free computer, go to their official website and look at the technology area. You would then obtain all of the necessary equipment on this checklist. You can request some of them based on your needs, along with a proper description of how this laptop may alter your lifestyle.

7. Local Library to get Free Computers

If you are disabled and have never been able to acquire financial assistance for laptops, you should visit your local library. Most community libraries offer funds and assistance to handicapped people. These scholarships are often given to low-income families and those who are handicapped. If you qualify for the subsidies, you will receive a laptop.

This is the best site to look for pcs. Book stores will occasionally sell used equipment such as computers to less fortunate and disabled people at lower prices.

8. Through the Givetech

GiveTech has been a well-known charitable organization that provides a free computer for disabled people to work, earn money, and become autonomous citizens. People with impairments or amputees may be eligible for the talk-to-text service, which will improve communication for handicapped people.

9. Jim Mullen Foundation to get a free computer

This facility came into existence after a heroic policeman who got shot and disabled in 1996. GiveTech provided him with different pc aid and assistance, and he eventually gained so much fortune in computers that he established his personal Jim Mullen Institute. These non-profit assist disadvantaged individuals by providing them with complimentary laptops and desktops.

10. Free laptop Computer from St Vincent De Paul

St Vincent De Paul is a well-known private organization that provides financial assistance to the needy. They provide food for sustenance, funds, and jobs to help people become self-sufficient. This organization provides low-income families and the disabled with automobile assistance, home support, and technological assistance.

There are many St Vincent De Pail locations around the US, so you should contact the one closest to you for further information. If you pass for assistance, you’ll receive a free computer. You should first verify the qualifying requirements for membership and go to the branch.

11. International Computer Exchange

If you are looking for a better and reconditioned laptop or desktop from the US administration, the ICE is indeed the site to visit. The organization collaborates with local non-profit groups, schools, municipalities, political groups, and bookstores to assist poor males and females.

How to Get a Laptop from ICE

You can register for this enterprise if you are handicapped and require a computer. This institution will provide you with details about institutions or organizations that provide complimentary computers to disabled folks, and you can then approach them. You would like to explain why you require a pc and how it would help you survive and become self-sufficient.

If your reasons are compelling and you match the qualifying requirements, you will be able to locate a free laptop. This agency has distributed about five million complimentary computers to handicapped people.

12. Microsoft-approved Refurbishes

You’re all aware of Microsoft, the technological behemoth. It’s among the world’s most significant technology corporations that think it bears some societal obligation. As a result, they have several particular programs to assist disabled people. It also provides reconditioned Genuine Microsoft laptops and free personal computers to disabled people.

It provides free Microsoft software to low-income families. If you require a complimentary reconditioned laptop, you must complete a registration form, and it must include all pertinent information and your intended use of the free personal laptop. This strategy will assist disabled persons and low-income families in improving their standard of living.

13. Free computer from Freecycle

Freecycle is a website that might assist you in locating a complimentary government MacBook. It’s an internet marketplace that collaborates with several other area groups to provide free recycling items for public usage. You should register for this initiative if you need assistance with this. This institution offers a variety of programs.

The Freecycle group contacts people who want to donate their outdated computers and laptops. As a result, if you have any obsolete pc, you may contact them and offer them. This charity gives free computers to those with disabilities who require such technological equipment.

Benefits of Obtaining a Free PC for Handicapped Adults

  • It helps them with daily activities: A free computer helps disabled persons a lot. With a laptop, you can easily purchase anything you want online and have them delivered to your home.
  • Helps with medical needs: In today’s world, technology is critical in assisting with healthcare difficulties. There are several practical advantages for somebody with chronic health issues to become accustomed to using a personal laptop. Disabled people might minimize their reliance on others by communicating with medical experts via email.


A computer is a necessity for disabled persons, and since many can’t afford it, government organizations, charities, and non-profits provide free computers. Hopefully, you now know how to get a free computer for the disabled. With the ways discussed above, you can get yourself a good computer that can help you with work and studies.

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