How to Get Free Chromebook for Students

After Google released the Chromebook, its business boomed. More than 2 million Chromebook were sold in the first two years. An exciting moment also was felt when they started a contest where they could give the free Chromebook for students.

When the project started, some different supporters and donors came on board and made these beautiful opportunities for the student to continue. It is a program where college and high school students are accepted to apply.

In this contest, a students is only required to write an essay or do a video discussing a topic they are passionate about, and could benefit others. Nowadays, there are other ways that can help students apply for the Chromebook laptop. Now let’s explore more about how you can get a free Chromebook for students.

Google Chromebook for Students in 2022

free chromebook for students

Free Chromebook for students is a laptop that runs on the Chrome Operating system, and it is given to the student free of charge to facilitate their learning. The laptop is a brand from Google, released in 2011. Though this brand is not old as Mac or windows, it has a lot of benefits, especially for the students.

For instance, laptops have a limited processing power that enables them to have high processing capability even under less powerful CPUs or chips.

It does not require the laptop to have much storage space because most of its apps are integrated as a suit, and they run like you could use Google Docs Editors. Your work will be automatically saved on the cloud; therefore, there is no need for a vast storage facility.

Features of Chromebook

Chromebook for students is a particular laptop for students that comes with features that can enhance the student’s productivity. Some of the features of this laptop include;

#Long-life battery;

The laptop battery can hold power for up to twelve hours while using without being connected to a power source. Having a laptop like this as a student is an excellent option because you will have less stress. Also, you will boost your productivity because you will concentrate more on learning than finding a socket or power source to power your laptop frequently.

#Offline capability;

It is another feature that you will not afford to miss. The laptop has the capability of syncing your online directories with your hard disk offline. With this capability, you will not need to be connected to the internet every time you want to access your documents, emails, and other valuable educational content.

#All-round compatibility;

The Chromebook laptop is powered by the Chrome Operating system, which supports most productivity software. Therefore despite the software you will want to install on your laptop to support your learning, you can install them on this laptop without any compatibility issues.

#Automatic backup;

The laptop uses cloud storage as the many storage facilities rather than the hard drive. Therefore each time there is a change in the hard drive, the files or your content is back up to the cloud storage automatic. You can take advantage of this feature because your assignment, projects, school works and other important files will be back up, and even if your hard disk fails, you can still access your files.

#Security and safety;

Unlike other laptops where you have to install third-party antivirus software to protect your laptop against viruses and malware, you will not have to do that here. Chromebook has inbuilt protection against malware, virus and other harmful effects.

#Easy booting;

The laptop does not take much time to come live. Once you press the start button, the laptop comes on in no time. With this feature, you will not waste time waiting for the laptop to power on to do your studies.

How To Get Free Chromebook For Students

Having a laptop will help you enhance your productivity or learning capability as a student. One thing to note is that you do not just need a typical laptop, but a laptop designed specifically for a student would help you.

Nowadays, different states, through the help or Partnership with Google, offer free Chromebook for students and educational support. Various parameters are used for students to receive the free Chromebook. Now let’s explore how one can get a free Chromebook to enhance their productivity in learning.

1) Learning institutions that offer Chromebook

Most learning institutions have implemented the digital learning environment due to the Covid pandemic. Because not all the students in these schools cannot get a laptop, some universities have gone ahead to buy the Chromebook for a student from Google and give their students free of charge.

Other institutions have received these chrome laptops from supporters or well-wishers to support the student.

Therefore to get the free Chromebook for students, then, in this case, you must be registered in a qualifying intuition, and you will receive the laptop free of charge no matter what model the school used to get the Chromebook laptop for their student.

2) Registering on the G Suite for education

Those students also come from a school that has not yet implemented the distance learning environment. In this case, the student can be registered in the G suit for the education that will receive the free Chromebook for students to facilitate their learning.

Also, the student will be given a Chromebook WiFi or LTE terminal to have access to the internet free of charge. Here the student will have access to educational content from different parts of the world free of charge. If you are under this category of the student, then you can reach the support and request the free Chromebook as follows;

Use this link to access the form to fill in the required information while making your request: Google Education;

  1. Then scroll down the page to the section where you must fill in your personal information.
  2. If you want to apply as a group, scroll down to the group information section and fill in all needed information.
  3. Then scroll further to the request for further information and check the services you request.
  4. Then provide the product information and click inquire.

3) Google contest for students

Several contests are done for the student where they can apply, and if you are selected as a winner, you will stand the chance of getting the free Chromebook for students.

Here most of the students have to apply and present a topic of their interest which is also helpful for others. You will give your idea in the form of an easy or a video discussing the issue.

This contest usual can be launched by Google, or other time it can be supported by other third-party companies or well-wishers. Still, the main agenda is to award a couple of students the Chromebook laptop while they use these students’ ideas to solve an issue or develop an innovative thing that would be helpful for others.

This contest is not held every time, but it happens within a time frame, so you need to be alert so that if you see an alert like this online, you can apply and try your luck. Generally, in most contests, they use a google form for the student to apply to the competition.

Benefits of getting a free Chromebook for student

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from this laptop. Some of these benefits include;

  • It comes with features suitable for offices or specific for the student.
  • Accessing free online education content. Here, the student awarded the laptop is registered in the G Suit for education, and they will have the privilege of accessing a lot of educational content.
  • The laptop also comes with Chromebook WiFi or LTE terminals that help students have free internet access. It will help you a lot because you will not have to spend more connected to the internet.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now know how to get free Chromebook for students. With the different methods, you will be able to get the laptop for your studies. You can use any way you feel is convenient for you. As a student with this laptop, you will boost your productivity or learning even if you come from a school that has not yet established a digital learning environment. What are you waiting for? Follow the above ways and get your Chromebook laptop!

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