How to Get Free Cell Phone for Seniors And Disabled?

Under free line initiatives, the government gives free cell phone to the needy, the underprivileged, pensioners, and the disabled. This initiative began in the 1980s. Eventually, in 2005, it grew and enhanced to give telecommunications services to approved American people.

Elderly and the disabled are among those who are considered. This is because they generally are more susceptible. However, the state does not provide free phones to all elders and handicapped people. Individuals must be active participants in any national government program to be eligible. Applicants should also earn under 135 percent of the federal poverty threshold.

How to Apply for Free Cellular Service?

The Lifeline is a federal initiative that provides poor people, especially those with impairments, with free or reduced cellular service. The scheme is supported by a modest tax added to every wireless bill known as the Universal Service Fund levy.

free cell phone for seniors and disabled

Disabled people might be eligible for the Lifeline initiative in a variety of ways. The below are circumstances where you become eligible:

  • You are a participant in the Additional Nutrition Support Program.
  • You have an average income of lower than 135 percent of the government poverty threshold (just a few counties have a greater restriction, so consult the government’s standards).
  • Recipient of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.
  • You get SSI benefits.

As you’ve seen, you do not need formal government disability permission to register. You are likely to be able to get a free cell phone, and minimal service as provided your income matches the standards.

How to Get a Free Cell phone for Seniors

The government distributes free telephones to qualified senior people aged 65 and over. Nonetheless, these telephones’ terms, restrictions, and operations differ according to the individual’s local area. The condition must be met to be eligible. A person’s yearly income must be less than the poverty threshold, and an individual must be a participant in any public aid project.

Various telecommunication and phone service companies provide free cell phones. These service providers are continuously working in collaboration with authorities. Among these providers are enTouch Cellular, SafetyNet Broadband, and SafeLink Mobile. Explain Several ways below where you can get a free government cell phone for seniors;

1) Safetynet Wireless Lifeline Provider

These companies provide free cell phones to all qualifying seniors in the United States. They have several plans or offers. The base plan includes free phones, 750 unlimited voice call minutes, and 500 free text messages each month.

This is one of the most well-known distributors of free senior smartphones. They provide a unique package that includes free smartphones as well as 250 free voice minutes every month.

3) enTouch Free Phones

These companies supply seniors with telephones at no charges and excellent bargains comparable to those offered by Safelink. On the other hand, their devices are intended expressly for the aged who have trouble hearing.

How to Get a Free Cell Phone for Disabled

Not all handicapped people, like the elderly, are eligible for government-subsidized telephones. To be eligible, a person must fulfill at least one of the below criteria.

  • Earn less than the government poverty line.
  • Participate in any public assistance program, such as the supplemental dietary assistance scheme.
  • Participate actively in any social safety scheme.

Let’s learn more about cell phones with no charges provided by social safety schemes for the handicapped.

1) Free cell phone for disabled on social security

Social safety programs are divided into two categories; The supplemental safety income scheme and the social security disability insurance program.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a government-funded program that is initiative and dedicated to assisting both the disabled and the elderly.

The initiative assists handicapped people who haven’t worked previously because of their impairment. It gives low-income handicapped people, low-income impaired youngsters, and low-income elderly over 65 years old free telephones.

Participants of this scheme are also qualified for other government programs such as Medicaid and food stamps in many others.

2) Social Security Disability Benefits

Unlike supplemental safety income, this scheme is only for handicapped people. It gives food, shelter, clothes, and free smartphones to the handicapped who were formerly employed but had to stop due to their illness. To apply for the scheme, you must complete a request form with their proper personal information and pertinent information about your prior job.

Get free Cell Phone for Seniors on Social Security Benefits

1) Safetynet Wireless

This company provides free cell phones to all eligible seniors in the United States. The base plan includes 750 unlimited minutes, free telephones, and 500 unlimited messages every month.

They are known as Lifeline Company offers smartphones, tablets for free and free unlimited messages, calls, and 3Gigabytes of data per month. However, the product or discount offered may differ from one location to another. Use your postcode to find out what services are available in your region.

QLink Wireless has the following services to offer:

  • Unlimited call and text at no cost.
  • Every month, you’ll get 3GB of free data.
  • Coverage throughout the United States.
  • Calling options like Voicemail for Free and Caller ID are also available.
  • No credit facility, agreement, or bills are required for free Wi-Fi.
  • Option to bring your own phone.

This company provides cell phones at no cost and cell phone services.

Safelink Wireless package includes 350 minutes, unrestricted texting, and 3Gigabytes monthly in certain areas. Furthermore, it offers national coverage through 4G LTE-capable connections.

Safelink Wireless has the following services to offer:

  • 350 minutes, unrestricted messages, and 3GB of data for free monthly.
  • SIM card will be provided at no cost.
  • Dependable networks provide nationwide coverage.
  • Phone call, Caller ID, and 3-Way Calling are just a few of the features available.
  • Allow access to 911 and 411 Directory Help with no charge.
  • Option to use your personal phone.

4) Assurance Wireless

It is a branch of Virgin Mobile company. It offers free mobile phones and cell phone plans ranging from 350 minutes per month to unrestricted speak, message, and 2Gigabytes of data per month. However, the availability of cell phone services at no cost varies by state, so you must determine what is accessible in your location. Read full article,

5) Life Wireless

They offer low-income people and households government phone connectivity at no cost.

Life wireless offer the following Services;

  • Monthly 3GB of data at no cost.
  • Countrywide connectivity.
  • Caller Identification, Call Holding, Voicemail, as well as Three-Way Conversation.
  • Internal as well as long-distance with no roaming costs.
  • Unlimited 911 Connectivity.

Why do Seniors and Disabled Citizens Need a free Cell Phone?

According to the state, only the handicapped with little income and neglected elderly over the age of 65 are eligible for free smartphones. The government provides phones as well as free services. The state found it vital to give free phones to qualifying elderly and the handicapped due to the following reasons:

#For psychological health

The elderly and the impaired face various behavioral and physical obstacles that are detrimental to their psychological health. They can use their telephones to engage in leisure activities such as social socializing. This allows people to unwind, relieve stress, and improve their mental wellness.

#Medical Safety

In addition to personal security, the Elderly and the crippled use telephones for healthcare safety. Seniors, as we already know, are much more vulnerable to illness. They must have a smartphone with them at all times to call for assistance in the event of an incident or disease. The same is true for the handicapped. They are afflicted or have physical obstacles that require the care of doctors.

#For protection

The elderly and handicapped are more susceptible members of society. The majority of the elderly remain alone for most of their time. This necessitates using a phone, especially to request assistance in any situation.

For personal safety, the handicapped also require free smartphones. They have a difficult time dealing with their daily duties and tasks. With a phone, a person can seek assistance from relatives or friends. Continue reading to learn to get a free cell phone for seniors and the disabled;

Tips Get Easily a free Cell Phone

The free cell phones for the elderly and the disabled are not the same as regular cell phones. Phone carriers, for example, constantly make sure that the cell phone for seniors and the disabled have unique functions that are simple to use.

These characteristics are:

  • Long-lasting batteries: The phones have long-lasting batteries since the elderly frequently do not remember to charge their phones.
  • Phone monitoring: These handsets are equipped with a tracking device that allows relatives to record their veteran’s position. This is due to their proclivity for wandering or being disoriented.
  • Health monitoring: Many senior handsets include health monitoring tools that help to monitor their health status.
  • Show features: For clear and simple vision, the handsets include distinctive display characteristics such as huge keypad digits, symbols, and onscreen writing.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


As seen, the state has partnered with telecommunications and phone companies to give qualified elderly and handicapped recipients cell phones at no cost and incredible rates. These companies only allow a single phone per person or home. On the other hand, nursing home residents are permitted to possess one or more smartphones per family at no cost.

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