How To Get Free Cash App Money

Most of us tend to spend a huge amount of time on our phones every day. Of course, what better way to maximize our smartphone usage than by monetizing it at the same time?

Cash App is a mobile wallet application with growing popularity, especially since many have discovered plenty of authentic means to earn free Cash App money.

Besides receiving free money on Cash App from daily tasks and activities, the application provides plenty of exciting debit cards, investing, and banking perks. Moreover, since the app is under the acquisition of Square, rest assured that it’s a secure and legitimate app that you can use for your money transactions.

This article will discuss some of the ways you can get free money on Cash App, including how the application works, what it offers as well as some frequently asked questions by users.

How To Use Cash App As Payment Method

Like Venmo, Cash App – formerly known as Square Cash – works as a mobile wallet but with a lot of added features. The application is also under the ownership of Square, which is a platform of payment patronized by numerous small businesses for their credit card and debit card payments.

The application is useful for when you’re enrolling in direct deposits, purchase payments, and receiving and transferring money to your friends. You can also utilize it for investing and digital banking as well.

While you can use Cash App for free, you’d still have to expect minimal fees for the miscellaneous services such as immediate deposits as well as credit-card based money transfers.

You also have the choice to use a QR code for contactless payments or opt for a debit card as a payment method when you’re doing purchases in person. You can only go through the latter option if the seller offers this as a payment option in their store.

Best Ways To Get Free Cash App Money

cash app money

Cash App has been gaining traction due to the many methods you can get easy money on the application. People have also tried and proven this to determine its authenticity, which is why several reviews are going around about how you can receive free Cash App money within the comforts of your home.

However, it’s important to note that some of the activities listed below require a sort of purchase for you to earn various rewards.

1. Receive $5 Cash App Signing Up Bonus

If you’re looking to earn some easy-peasy bonus cash, a free Cash App money code will be required for you to get started.

You can use the referral code that Wallet Hack’s provided, which is ZBJVLJJ, to earn an instant $5 cash when you sign up to Cash App. You also need to complete a minimum of at least $5 transaction within the first two weeks of joining the app.

Moreover, transferring funds to another user in Cash App and paying for purchase also allows you to earn the free cash bonus. To experience the referral code in effect, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Install/Download Cash App application to your iOS or Android device.
  2. Click on the icon that says “Personal Settings,” which can be found at the upper-right part of your screen.
  3. Afterward, scroll until you reach the bottom and choose the green button that says “Referral Code.”
  4. Then, input the code (ZBJVLJJ).
  5. Make a transaction or send a minimum amount of $5 to a Cash App friend within two weeks.

If you wish to transfer money to someone in Cash App, then you will be needing their username in the app. You can also search for them through their phone number or email for convenience. Then, press “Send Money” to make the money transfer to your friend.

Otherwise, you can also do this by letting your friend make a request for a money transfer from you, whereas you’ll have to use your debit card to fund the exchange.

2. Get $15 Cash App Referral Bonus

Another way you can earn free Cash app money is by referring friends to the application. Doing this allows you to earn at least $15 per referral.

Once you’re finished making your Cash App account, you may now begin referring some friends. One way to do this is by utilizing the “Invite Friends” button, which you can find on the interface’s personal account tab.

Other than that, here are three, simple ways that you can invite friends to Cash App:

  1. Enter an email address. You can submit the email address of your friend that Cash App can use to invite them with. Invite emails also include detailed and simple instructions about signing up for the application.
  2. Input their phone number. All you have to do is input their number manually, and the application will send an invite link through text message to the number.
  3. Let Cash App invite your friends. The application can scan your contact list to search for your friends who don’t use the app.

Compared to other apps, typing in the referral promotion code will not be as efficient here because your invited friends won’t be receiving a prompt or instruction to input the code once they make their respective accounts. They will have to create a Cash App account first and then locate the referral code button within the application itself.

3. Discounts through Cash Card Boosts

Acquiring the Free Cash App Visa debit card is among the most proven and consistent methods to gain cash rewards within the application. You can also do this by turning on your spending boosts for several limited-time discounts at any of the participating merchants.

The Cash App Visa debit card basically serves as your anchor and lifeline to get free cash on the application. Without it, you’ll find it particularly difficult to earn cash rewards in the application.

Once you get your own Cash Card, it’s now possible to pay for either in-store or online purchases like Taco Bell, Starbucks, Playstation Store, DoorDash, and Dominos. Cash App offers instant discounts at well-known online and local retailers, ranging from at least 5% to 15% discounts.

Though time-sensitive, these offers can nonetheless be a great way for you to cut down on expenses when it comes to purchases you’re planning on making later on.

Remember that: unlike cashback credit cards, debit purchases made through Cash Card don’t allow you to earn automatic or instant cash. Instead, it only enables you to be eligible for various discounts.

4. Purchase Bitcoin

Beyond the activities you can do within the app, you also get significant exposure and access to Bitcoin. The minimum amount is $1 for every purchase, though minimal trading fees might still be in effect. You will discover any of the applicable fees at the trade preview.

Apart from purchasing Bitcoin, you may also transfer an amount ranging as high as $10 000 of a current Bitcoin balance within one week or seven days. Other users of the application can also send you various Bitcoin positions if they know your $cashtag.

It’s Important: To note that the application only supports and operates on Bitcoin (BTC). Because of this, trading or transferring using other variants of Bitcoin, such as Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) isn’t allowed.

5. Social Media Giveaways or Contests

Plenty of companies resorts to holding social media contests in their respective social media accounts as a way of offering discounts and special rewards. Cash App is also the same since you can discover existing Cash App contests on their Twitter and Instagram pages.

More than that, you can also participate in their giveaways to have the chance to win free cash by simply submitting your $cashtag and putting the required hashtags in your posts on social media. One of their popular giveaways is usually held on Fridays, where users can win cash by using the hashtag: #CashAppFriday.

While winning isn’t always guaranteed in this activity since it’s a contest, it’s still free for everyone to participate in and is a great way for you to have fun along the way.

Is Cash App Safe

Yes, Cash App is safe to use when you’re either making purchases or sending funds to people that you know. This digital wallet application has already been around for several years and is also a subsidiary of Square, which is a payment software utilized by many small businesses.

Despite this, it’s still in your best interest to constantly be wary of Cash App scams. Fraudsters and scammers typically impersonate Cash App’s customer service agents, sometimes going as far as mimicking their social media channels.


There are several legit ways that you can earn free money on Cash App. You can earn an instant $5 by signing up using a referral code or transferring a minimum of $5 to a friend who uses the application. Besides this, you can also enter social media contests or giveaways or earn debit card shopping boosts. Referring other friends to the application will also let you earn $15 for every referral.

You can try these methods anywhere and any time you want just by utilizing the app, especially since it also serves as a great way to earn extra money while using your phone. However, don’t forget to be cautious of scams and fraudsters who will often fake their identities to deceive you into giving them money or sensitive data.

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