Get Cricket Free Phones When You Switch in 2022

Having free phone is a big deal since it helps you save some money that you could have used to buy it or even use to subscribe to the other free communication services that come with it. The free phones attract many people because of the discounted packages that they come with enough to survive without incurring further costs in the long run. With the free phone, packages are a lifetime plan to continue receiving other gifts from the carrier to facilitate quality communication with your friends or your family members and many others. In this this post, you will know if you will get cricket wireless free phone after switching. Continue reading to learn more about;

Does Cricket Wireless Gives free Phones when you Switch?

Yes. Cricket wireless gives free phones when you switch. They have a lot of Cricket wireless free phones that work well on their network. You can choose the most appropriate plan to enjoy the services based on your preferences. Here are some of the Cricket wireless free phones you may get; Moto g7 Supra, LG Style 5, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure, Cricket Influence, LG Harmony 2, LG Fortune 2, Motorola E5 Cruise, and Nokia 3.1 C.

cricket wireless free phones

However, if you do not want these brands, you can bring your favorite phone to Cricket Wireless, and if it is compatible with the Cricket Wireless network, then the services for free phones can be activated to your phones.

These are phones that are given free, and they also come with plans for talk, data and text that are much affordable and unlimited. Cricket wireless make sure that even the phone plans are affordable by spending less on the services. It is possible because cricket, which is mobile virtual network relies on other cellular towers. Therefore, their operational cost is very minimal. It helps them provide their services at a lower price (almost free), and they have maintained this for a long time.

How to Switch to Cricket Wireless and Get a Free Phone?

The process of switching to cricket wireless is straightforward. The process can be done online through the wireless cricket site. However, before you change, there are essential things that you have to know.

  • You can take another new telephone number or retain the current one you were using from the provider you were using.
  • If the cricket wireless phones are not your type, but you have your favorite phone, you can present your phone, and if it does not have any compatibility issues, it can be converted as your free phone to enjoy the services.
  • Once you enroll yourself on the program, you will be able to use the Cricket Wireless phone services. So long as you are ready, the services can be activated.

Now let’s look at the process you should follow to enroll for the cricket wireless phone through their website.

#Step 1: Choosing the new phone

It is the first step. You have to determine if you will use your existing phone or choose a new one from them. Here you will not need to purchase the phone if you already have one and you will also save a lot of money. However, make sure the phone does not have compatibility issues with the Cricket wireless network.

You can place an order for the new phones and pay at an affordable price. Everything will be done online, and you can also track the order. Before buying any phone, ensure that they support the cricket wireless network. The phone should support GSM services so that you can be on the safe side. Cricket Wireless can also help you get the brand you want at a discount, so rely on them to enjoy the best phone prices with the company.

#Step 2: Selecting the plan of features

There are different plans and features that you can select. You can pick the ones that are appropriate to you to meet your requirements and needs. Cricket Wireless offers numerous packages that you can choose, such as:

  • A plan of $130 or $33 per month: These are four lines packages that are unlimited, and they also come with 15 GB of mobile data. You will be awarded cloud storage of 150GB where you can use as your storage space. The package comes with unlimited picture messages, text, and talk in the US. With this package, you will stream a video for over 10000 hours on your favourite shows.
  • A plan of $100 or $25 per month: It is another plan that can serve your high data speed requirements. The speed of the data can go up to 8Mbps, and it is unlimited. However, the rate can vary based on network usage. The speed is low if the network is busy; however, you will have a high speed when the network is not busy. Also, the package enables you to have unlimited text, picture messages and talk within the US. Also, you will have quality streaming within Canada, Mexico and US. With this plan, you can utilize the services in more than 36 countries worldwide. The package comes with other services like Wi-Fi calling or HD voice.
  • A plan of $110 or $28 per month: It is another exciting plan that provides high-speed connectivity to suit your connection needs. With this package, you can enjoy unlimited data speed for your picture messages, talk, and text. The package of the data that you are given is 10GB. Also, there is a benefit of Wi-Fi or HD voice services that are supported.
  • A plan of $120 OR $30 per month: It is another package that comes with a 2GB data connection. It provides high speeds connection for your internet activities. You can download or upload content to the internet without any speed issues. If you handle large files, this might be an ideal option. You can share, stream, upload and download at high speed without lag if the Cricket Wireless network is not overloaded.
  • Selecting a new telephone number or using the previous one: In this step, you will have to move your current telephone number to Cricket wireless or use new ones and abandon your current phone number. It depends on your preferences, but it is good to retain the current one because it has many advantages over discarding it and using a new one.

#Step 3: Activating the services

You will incur another step when you want a Cricket wireless free phone after switching. After knowing the phone and the package you will use, the service will be activated upon buying the plan.

#Step 4: Transferring the content

If you choose to work with the new Cricket wireless free phone, you will have to move your old phone content to the new device. If you use an Apple phone, you will connect with your iCloud account and get the data into your new phone. Also, you can use services like Bluetooth or the method you prefer to transfer the content.

#Step 5: Downloading the Cricket App

Cricket App is an app that is very useful if you have a Cricket wireless free phone. This app will help you finalize the setup process, and you will be able to utilize most of the Cricket services. The app has essential services that will simplify interacting with your phone and benefit more from the Cricket wireless phone service.

What you’ll get if you switch to Cricket Wireless?

Apart from the plans, you can buy from Cricket wireless; they have other deals to motivate customers to continue using the services. Some of the deals from cricket wireless free phone after switching include:

If you go for a package that costs around $60 and above, you will be given a Samsung Galaxy A01 free of charge. Choosing a plan that cost $30, you will receive a discount of $50 for Galaxy A32.

There are other upgrade services that you can enjoy. For example, you earn some money equivalent to $250 per year for referring people to the network. You will be given a group discount if you add and register more lines with Cricket Wireless. You can also enjoy other services free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bottom line

Now you have known how to get cricket wireless free phone after switching. Also, Cricket Wireless is a telecommunication provider in the US. This company is among the best Mobile Virtual Network Operator that offer your free phones once you switch. It uses other company cellular towers services that uses GSM technology. As you have seen, there are many packages that you can use, and they come with a lot of advantages. You can apply go for one and start enjoying the benefits.

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