How To Get Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone

Assurance Wireless phones are assisting individuals all around the United States. It is among the top Lifeline Assistance Plan phone carriers. The initiative was created to help low-income, unemployed, elderly, or handicapped persons.

One of the leading phone carriers that provide Smartphones with no need to upgrade service is Assurance. Dealing with this healthcare-benefits program, individuals eligible for this government incentive can get these free government phones.

Is Lifeline free Phone is Really free?

Yes. Because of the FFC-funded Lifeline plan, which offers underprivileged consumers low-cost and free wireless services, cellular service is entirely free provided you qualify economically. Since 1985, Lifeline has offered qualifying low-income consumers discounts on these services.

Before 1985, Lifeline offered impoverished rural regions with free landline telephone service. Even if the telecommunications industry is expanding and services are becoming more affordable, there remain still those who are unable to purchase even essential services.

Over half of all people in the United States rely on government aid. It’s comforting to know that assistance is accessible.

Requirements to Qualify for the Lifeline Program

Most people believe they are ineligible for a government phone if they are employed. This isn’t correct! People work 40 hours or above each week and fall below the poverty threshold.

In reality, your qualification is decided by your gross household income rather than your employment status. Your family may be eligible for assistance if your overall income level is at or below 135 percent of the government poverty level.

You may be eligible if you have:

  • Medicaid
  • National Free lunch
  • SNAPs/Food Stamps
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Section 8
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • WIC
  • Low-Income Energy
  • Work First

How to Qualify for Assurance Wireless free Phone

Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone

First and foremost, you may work while receiving a phone at no cost. Most people believe they are ineligible for a state phone because they are working. If your earnings are minimal enough, you may be qualified for a Free State phone. Eligibility is based on your actual household income, not if you work or not.

Your relatives may be eligible for assistance if your overall household income is around or under 135 percent of the government poverty level. Individuals who work 40 hours or more a week nevertheless fall below the poverty threshold. They can be eligible for telephone help.

Check to see whether you’re eligible. To join up for this free program, visit the Assurance Wireless website. On this site, you might send them an email, confirm your qualification, check the progress of your registration, complete your yearly recertification, as well as solve any phone issues you might have.

How to Get an Assurance Wireless Phone for Free

To get an Assurance Wireless free phone go through the Assurance Wireless website and apply for the federal government benefits program, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). You may also be able to get an Assurance Wireless phone through a qualifying nonprofit organization.

Customer care representatives are ready to assist you throughout the operation. Residents with limited wages are qualified for such free service as well as free touchscreen and smartphone devices. They are kept linked with the use of these government phones. Provided also the opportunity to seek a job, call for aid in a disaster, and receive the assistance they require.

The application for the Assurance Wireless Registration has changed somewhat. Owing to misuse in the government phone program, you are currently asked to produce evidence of qualification.

Assurance Wireless Lifeline Plans

You’ll get a free call, message, and mobile network after you’ve been accepted. You get an Android smartphone at no charge, 1000 calling minutes, unrestricted call and message, 50MB of data, and 2GB of regular broadband.

Airtime, as well as SMS time, may be purchased for as little as $5 monthly. Assurance offers both endless as well as charge plans at reasonable prices. Additionally, Tracfone each Top-Up card can be purchased at various retail outlets around the nation or internet using a bank card or even PayPal.

  • Buy a Virgin Mobil card to increase minutes or foreign calling.
  • $5 for 500MB internet.
  • $10 for 1GB internet.
  • Add $5 monthly for 250 additional minutes.
  • $2 for 100MB internet.

The best supplier who works with this state subsidy scheme is Assurance. They are paid a nominal fee for every person who signs up for help. They also profit when a customer upgrades and purchases additional broadcast time.

Packages offered by Assurance Wireless

PackagesAssurance Wireless
Free cellphoneYes
Free Monthly Minutes250
Unused Minutes that are Carried OverNo
Charge for Text Messages10 c/text
Free Int’l Long DistanceNo
Voicemail Caller IDYes

Advantages of Assurance Wireless

Assurance is a state phone company that offers low-cost phones. Nevertheless, in order to enjoy service for free, you should meet certain financial requirements. In the Lifeline phone scheme, they represent amongst the leading telecommunications firms.

Below find few advantages of switching to Assurance Wireless;

  • Free Smartphone
  • 350 minutes monthly
  • Unlimited free monthly texts
  • 2 Gigabytes free data
  • Voice message, Call Holding, and Caller Identification
  • Free Mobile Hotspots
  • Urgent 911 Accessibility
  • Unlimited 211 talking
  • Free customer support calling
  • Low-cost foreign calls to over 200 nations.

Bottom Line

Assurance Wireless offers free Government phones to those eligible. Getting a phone from this carrier is very easy, provided you qualify. So, if you are looking for a free government phone, then Assurance Wireless is your way of getting one.

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