How to Get Amazon Free Laptop for Students

Most people are now working or studying online due to Covid 19. However, not all people can afford a laptop to facilitate their work or study. Due to this challenge, the government, non-profit organizations, retailer stores, and manufacturers have partnered to offer free laptops to those in need.

Not all people can receive the free laptop but a specified group of people. For example, some organizations offer to only low-income families. Others offer to the college student and many other eligibility criteria. This article will guide you on how to get a free laptop from amazon. Now let’s explore further.

What is Amazon Prime Students

Here you can benefit from discounted or amazon free laptops provided you are eligible in the program. The government has partnered with the other programs to offer free laptops from the federal government through Amazon to assist low-income individuals.

Other organizations also offer free laptops through Amazon. The low incomes and the seniors can also benefit from the program because the free laptop is a subsidized property. You have to qualify for some limitations or regulations to get the aid. However, the primary selection criteria are low-income families based on the federal poverty rule.

Note that Amazon does not offer free laptops direct to needy people; however, many organizations or manufacturers that provide these free laptops list them on the amazon marketplace. Therefore if you need a free laptop, you will have to contact the seller who offers a free laptop and then make the application.

amazon free laptop for students

Amazon Prime Student Eligibility

To get the free laptop from amazon through the government, manufacturers, or other non-profit organizations, you must meet some requirements. Here Amazon acts as a third party or retailer where you can get the laptops, but the cost of the laptop can be paid by the federal or the non-profit organization.

Remember that the free grants of these laptops do not apply to everyone. For example, the government has its eligibility or criteria to fulfill before granting the laptop. Other institutions or manufacturers also have their qualifications. For example, the mandatory qualification in most of the partners in this program are;

  • It would be best if you are from a low-income family.
  • Your family income should be in line with the federal poverty rule.
  • It would be best to benefit at least one assistant program.

How to Search for free laptop from Amazon

Before you search for a free laptop from Amazon, you have to determine the right features you need from the laptop to suit your requirements and needs. Based on the features, when you search for the laptops on Amazon, you will find many laptops with different features. The best the features, the higher the price.

However, it would be best to consider the processors’ specs, RAM, screen resolution, hard disk, connectivity, portability, and many others. After you get the best free laptop of your choice under the free laptops, then you can get in touch with the seller to know the procedure of how to get a free laptop from Amazon.

How to Avoid Online Scammers

  • After choosing the best laptop of your choice under free laptop on Amazon, go to the reviews and try to read to know what others are saying. Confirm another website like trust pilot or better business bureau to see if it is a legit provider before you make the application.
  • Never share your social security number.
  • Do not give your passwords.
  • Understand the terms and conditions.

Best 4 Ways to get Amazon free laptop for Students

Amazon is the ideal place to get free laptops or enticing laptop deals. Not only can you get the free laptops, but you can get discounts, low price refurbishes, or used laptops. If you have small savings and you have not met any of the lifeline program criteria to get the laptop, you can go ahead and purchase the laptop.

You can use different ways to get the laptops free of charge from Amazon without spending a single dollar. Here are the primary methods;

1) Through Amazon gift cards

You can use many ways to get free gift cards that you will redeem to get the laptop. You can also use other rewarding platforms to do a simple task, and once you complete them successfully, you will be able to be awarded a free gift card. Once you have these free gift cards, you can use them to purchase the laptop without spending a coin from your pocket.

2) Through Amazon Trade-In Program 

It is a program where you can get gifts-cards or cash. If you have unused things in your household, you can sell them on Amazon, and you can get a gift card or money that you can use to purchase the laptops.

3) Amazon affiliate marketing

You can use your social media handles or blogs with this method to get money to buy the laptop, but if you put more time into it, you can even earn a living from the program. Here, you will promote other seller products by sharing the link with people, and once someone purchases through the link, you will be paid a commission. This commission over time can accumulate, and you will buy the laptop of your choice on amazon with the money or the gift you generate through this program.

4) Through the lifeline program

Life program is the program that the federal government launches to assist low-income families in getting free laptops and other services and products like phones, data, free text, and talk. To get the free laptop, you will have to register with the program.

Once you register, and your application goes through, then you can request for the laptop through amazon. Note that the government has a specific company that offers free laptops. They also accept any company or retailer like Amazon to provide the laptop, provided they will deliver it at a subsidized price.

  • To get started, visit the lifeline program official website and click get started.
  • Choose the state you are coming from.
  • Then you will have to provide the needed information and supporting documents. Once your application is accepted, you can apply for the free laptop via Amazon.

Some other non-profit organizations or manufacturers offer free laptops. You can also apply through these organizations. Some of the organizations that you can use include:

  • EveryoneOn
  • Smartriverside
  • Computer Technology Assistance Corps
  • FreeCycle
  • Microsoft Registered refurbishes
  • Online Causes
  • Adaptive.Org
  • Technology assisting people in Need
  • The On it Foundation
  • World Computer Exchange
  • Computers for Learning
  • Accelerated schools programs
  • Komputers 4 Kids
  • Salvation Army and many others.

After your application goes through, you can contact them to buy the laptop you select on Amazon. The good thing with other manufacturers that offer the free laptops and list them on Amazon is that it is very simple because you will choose based on their listing on the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon free Laptop Scheme

Most of the free laptops you can get via the Amazon marketplace fall under the government free laptop scheme. You will find the laptops on the amazon marketplace because they use the platform to display their products. The program aims to provide laptops to the family or individuals from low-income families, especially students who are the primary beneficiaries of this program.

Amazon scheme Overview;

SchemeFree laptop
Launched byFederal government, non-profit organization, manufacturers and retailers
BeneficiariesLow income families
BenefitFree laptop
ObjectiveProviding free laptop
Scheme underLifeline Program
Application processOnline
Official websiteN/A

Personal Note Before You Apply for Free Laptop

Since the introduction of lockdown and social distancing, the need for laptops for students and workers has raised. The free laptop through Amazon, you will be able to do your work from home, and the student can take their classes online and use it to search for their studies.

Remember that you cannot call your local government to get the free laptops via Amazon; however, you have to follow the correct procedure not to find it challenging to receive the free laptop from amazon via the federal program.

There are scammers on amazon who might claim to provide free laptops, but they want to scam you. What you need to do is to confirm if they are legit vendors before you make the application.

Bottom Line

The cost of a laptop for low-income families and students is really expensive. Due to this reason, the government and other private sectors started the initiative to support individuals who could not afford to buy the laptop. With Amazon, you can get remarkable offers to get the laptops or even get linked by the sellers who offer the free laptop to low-income families.

Therefore you can get a free laptop from either the government or non-profit organization from Amazon. The post was about how to get a free laptop from amazon, and we exposed every possible way to get a free laptop. Hopefully you know now how you will get one.

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