How To Get Access Wireless Free Government Phone

A mobile gadget is among the essential things in this modern world. We all highly depend on cell phones for communication. Every day, cell phones come with various features, and today, most phone users love smartphones. Probably, you have seen that the price of smartphones is continuing to increase day by day in the market. This isn’t helping those with low income since they can’t afford the price.

If you earn a low income and you wish to use the smartphone to surf the internet, play games online, use social media as well as send emails, it isn’t a huge problem today.

Most operators of virtual networks work under FCC and also play the essential role as the Lifeline program subsidiary. Access Wireless is among the best Lifeline providers and plays a pivotal role as the free government cell phone provider because they began working with the Lifeline program.

If you wish to get a free Government smartphone from the access wireless, you’ve to make sure that you qualify for the Lifeline program. Without qualifying, you can’t get a cellphone.

How Do You Get an Access Wireless free Government Phone

access wireless free government phone

Access Wireless is a free smartphone provider and government cell phone program that is run by the i-wireless LLC. Access Wireless is set to offer free wireless communication gadgets and services to eligible low-income people.

There are many internet carriers that can provide you a free Government phone. However, Access Wireless tops them all. This guide’s main aim is to enlighten you on how to get free Access Wireless government cell phones. So, continue reading.

This program is just among the similar service providers in the United States. However, based on its availability in most areas and the provided benefits, it might be a preferable option for most people.

How to Eligible for the Access Wireless Lifeline Program

One is eligible to get a free phone from Access Wireless in two cases:

  1. You’re enrolled in a government welfare program.
  2. You’ve a low total household income.

Among the many welfare programs which automatically makes one eligible for the Lifeline program includes;

  • Medicaid.
  • Food Stamps.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).
  • Federal Housing/Section 8 Assistance.
  • Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF).
  • Pension Benefit.

Low household income varies from one state to another. So, you’ll have to check the regulations of your state and also the requirements for your local Access Wireless program to know if you qualify or not. You may be needed to offer documentation to demonstrate that you’re eligible for the Lifeline program or not.

How Do You Apply for Access Wireless Account

Access Wireless Free Government phones

There are three main ways with which you can apply for Access Wireless services;

  1. Apply online through the Access Wireless site.
  2. Download then print the app form, fill it and mail it to Access Wireless.
  3. You can call 1-888-900-5899, where you’ll get guidance from the care representative Access Wireless.

If you’re in the state of National Verifier, you’ll be required to qualify first in Lifeline program via the National Verifier application. Once you’ve received the Application ID, you may then proceed to the Access Wireless application.

Access Wireless Lifeline Program & Benefits

access wireless free government phone

Mostly, Access Wireless offers cell phones that are some few years old. While these phones are not as functional as other modern analogs, they’ll still be meaningful to people who require a phone for communication purposes.

You do not get to select a free phone that the Access Wireless carrier will offer you based on the inventory availability.

For those individuals who require something better, Access Wireless provides some great cellphones in their online shop. There, you may get cell phones for like $50. When you have money, you can even buy a high-end cell phone such as iPhone 11, Google Pixel 4, and Samsung Galaxy.

While some few Access Wireless users may afford the cheap phones, it is certainly good you get something functional and modern.

1. Phones with Hearing Aid Support

Not all smartphones offered by Access Wireless are compatible with hearing aids. However, they should be. Most modern Android/iOS gadgets are compatible with hearing aids. So you should not have problems with that. If at all you decide to get a more modern or highly designed smartphone, then it will automatically have the support hearing aids.

That being said, hearing support is different in various smartphones. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has set some requirements for the hearing aid-compatible gadgets.

There are actually two compatible ratings that you can consider:

  1. M-Ratings– Lowered Hearing Aid Device Interference. M3/M4 phones are less likely to bring interference to the hearing devices that don’t have the M-Rating. M4 has a higher rating.
  2. T-Ratings-Compatible with Hearing Aids that come with Telecoils.

2. Access Wireless Replacement Phone

If the offered phones fail to function, then you might contact Access Wireless customer support and apply for the phone replacement. If you happen to lose it or it’s stolen, things might be more tricky. Until you notify customer care, you’re responsible for any expenses incurred once the device gets lost.

Also, after you’ve been notified of Access Wireless, your phone getting lost, your account might be suspended. You will have only 45 days to activate a new cell phone or to notify Access Wireless that you have found the phone. If not, your account may be deactivated, and the remaining balance in your account will be lost.

3. More Benefits of Access Wireless

If you’re going to select the best free government phone service provider for you, then Access Wireless is the way to go because:

  1. It’s Reliable; Of course, you won’t have to go with an internet provider that is not reliable. Access Wireless is among the best and most renowned free government cell phone providers in the United States.
  2. Application is Very Easy; If you are eligible for the Lifeline program, then you may easily apply for the Access Wireless free government cell phone. During the application, they usually check your documents. That’s if all of them are correct. When everything is set, you may get a free phone within a week. The application procedure is very easy, and any eligible individuals can apply and get a free smartphone.
  3. The Best Lifeline Smartphone Provider; If you’re searching for the best Lifeline plan for free cellphones, then Access Wireless is your ideal option. They provide the best free cell phones as compared to their competitor network carriers. If you’re qualified for the Access Wireless program, you will be provided with 250 talk minutes, text messages that are unlimited, and 3GB of mobile data every month. Lucky residents can get unlimited texts and talk with 3GB of data.
  4. Great Network Coverage; Access Wireless has good internet coverage worldwide and provides the Lifeline Assistants service in more than 36 states. So, if you reside in any of those states, you may easily apply and get the Access Wireless free government cell phone.

Access Wireless Phones Available Right Now

Since Access Wireless is one of the best free government cell phone providers, many renowned manufacturers work hand in hand with this carrier to come up with top-notch gadgets.

Here are the 10 best phones from Access Wireless:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S10
  2. Google Pixel 5 5G
  3. Motorola Edge 5G
  4. LG Stylo 4 Plus
  5. Apple iPhone 11
  6. Samsung Galaxy A10e
  7. Apple iPhone XR
  8. LG K51
  9. Samsung Galaxy A51 5G
  10. Samsung Galaxy A20

Final Words

Certainly, Access Wireless will not be a perfect option for various people, but it’s a great phone for those who aren’t in a position to buy a cell phone. Even though others might find the cell phones from Access Wireless not able to fulfill their needs, they are still good to make communications.

Well, a smartphone from a few years ago is still a great deal. Actually, many individuals have older gadgets and do not feel any need to switch to the modern $1000 phone, even though they can afford it. The chances are that you might also not be in need of something that has high costs. Also, if you happen to have enough funds, you might buy additional data or a good smartphone from Access Wireless.

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